"WWE Battleground" ended with the return of The Undertaker, but will he appear tonight on "Raw?"

Seth Rollins retained the WWE World Heavyweight Championship on Sunday night when his match against Brock Lesnar was interrupted by a "gong, darkness and Undertaker appearing in the ring. The pay-per-view event ended with Undertaker delivering two Tombstone Piledrivers to Lesnar.

Monday's show will no doubt see Rollins celebrating what he would consider to be a victory against Lesnar -- since he was without J&J Security and Kane.

Fans have speculated if Undertaker is a heel in this renewed feud with Lesnar -- he did deliver a low blow and attacked Lesnar, who, for the most part, was the face in the match.

Kevin Owens lost to John Cena for the second time. Despite another intense match, Cena retained the United States Championship. Owens' fight with Cena is long from over as their feud continues to "SummerSlam," set in Brooklyn, New York, later in August.

The divas division is indeed in a revolution. Sunday's show saw a last-minute match added to the card: Charlotte vs. Brie Bella vs. Sasha Banks. The trio delivered a great 11-minute match that captured the St. Louis' crowd's attention from the start. The triple-team feud will continue with most likely Becky Lynch receiving some of the spotlight.

The Prime Time Players also retained their titles -- the WWE Tag Team Championship -- against The New Day. The two teams will likely continue their feud because The New Day is simply "over" with the fans, and The Prime Time Players have been doing well on being the babyfaces of the tag-team scene.

An update on Intercontinental Champion Ryback is expected on Monday night. Ryback's triple-threat match against Big Show and The Miz was postponed after Ryback encountered a staph infection last Tuesday. There is no indication the WWE will vacate the title again this year, and Big Show and The Miz can still continue the feud for "SummerSlam."

Roman Reigns lost against Bray Wyatt after Luke Harper surfaced and attacked Reigns when he was not looking. The Wyatt Family appears to be reforming, and rightfully so, as Erick Rowan is on the injured list, and Harper and Wyatt need something to refreshed their roles in the company. Reigns will need backup to counter Harper, which would likely take the form of Dean Ambrose.

"Monday Night Raw" airs at 8 p.m. EST on the USA Network.


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