With Battleground just a couple of weeks ago, various WWE Superstars are jostling for a spot in the Over-The-Top-Rope Battle Royal that will determine the new Intercontinental Championship that was vacated after "Bad News" Wade Barrett went down with a serious shoulder injury after being battered into the barricade by Jack Swagger prior to last month's Money In The Bank show.

Antonio Cesaro, Kofi Kingston, Damien Sandow, The Great Khali, Rob Van Dam, Dolph Ziggler, Big E Langston, Ryback, Curtis Axel and Alberto Del Rio have cemented their slots at Battleground, but who else will be earn a shot at potentially winning the WWE Intercontinental Championship?

Speaking of Swagger, "the All-American American" and his manager Zeb Colter have a bone to pick with Lana and Alexander Rusev, who have been badmouthing the U.S.A. since their arrival into the WWE. Rusev attempted to show Swagger his European superiority, attacking Swagger only to get tossed out the ring. Colter has continued his war of words with Lana over Twitter, but what does the devious European duo have in store for Swagger and Colter?

AJ Lee returned last week and took back what she felt was rightfully hers, the WWE Divas Championship that she held for a record 295 days, after defeating Paige last week on "Raw." AJ challenged Paige for a rematch, which the young ex-champion unwisely took on, and AJ ended up rolling up Paige for the victory. Paige stepped into the ring on "Friday Night Smackdown" after AJ defeated Eva Marie and offered her hand, congratulating the new champ. But is she setting up AJ or is this the start of a friendly rival?

Chris Jericho also returned to the WWE last week on Raw" but did not have as successful a night as AJ. Jericho surprised The Miz, taking him out with a Codebreaker before he was inexplicably decimated by the Wyatts. Jericho addressed the Wyatts on "Smackdown", but he must watch his back, as he is scheduled to make his in-ring debut against The Miz on "Raw" this week. Will Bray Wyatt send his buzzards at Y2J while he is busy battling The Miz?

Seth Rollins has shown he is opportunistic enough to cash in his MITB suitcase at any time, even if current WWE World Heavyweight Champion John Cena is knocked out cold after taking an unmerciful beating from Kane. But Dean Ambrose proved he was true to his word that he would make Rollins' life miserable every single time he opened that suitcase, attacking Rollins before the officials could start the match. Rollins attempted to take care of the problem Friday night, ambushing Ambrose during his match with Randy Orton, but was thwarted by ex-Shield member Roman Reigns. Rollins wants to become champion badly and will strike at Cena at any given moment of weakness, but what new trick does Ambrose have for his ex-Shield brother-in-arms to ruin his title aspirations? And what will The Authority do to help Rollins against a lunatic like Ambrose?

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