Maybe Flo Rida should have picked a different night to perform live on "Monday Night Raw," especially with feelings amongst some in the locker room still sore at how their night at "Battleground" ended.

The Miz -- the newly-crowned WWE Intercontinental Champion -- may have a few things to say to Flo Rida, with the arrogant star of "The Marine 4: Moving Target" feeling really good after having outsmarted 19 WWE Superstars in the Battleground Over-the-Top-Rope Battle Royal, waiting for the right time to strike and tossing Dolph Ziggler over the top rope to win the championship left vacant by Wade Barrett. What challenge lays ahead for the new champ with the likes of Ziggler, Sheamus, and Cesaro gunning for the title?

One person who had an all-around bad night at "Battleground" was Jack Swagger, who seemed on the verge of defeating Rusev after the All-American wrestler clamped the Patriot Lock on the European strongman. Swagger had victory in sight only to get tossed outside the ring as Rusev looked to escape the excruciating hold and ate a Super-Kick that stunned Swagger long enough to fail to heed the referee's 10-count to get back into the ring. Rusev, feeling really good about the narrow count-out victory, celebrated by locking Swagger up in The Accolade, as he attempted to prove his point to the former NCAA wrestler about Russian supremacy. Zeb Colter is not likely to let his protégé get beat down without retaliation being inevitable, so what do Colter and Swagger have in mind as they continue their new-school Cold War?

Chris Jericho showed Bray Wyatt why he has been so successful in the industry, defeating Wyatt in a physical bout at "Battleground" after Jericho surprised the clan leader with a Code-Breaker to earn the three-count. The ref ejected Luke Harper and Erick Rowan from ringside after they tried to interfere on behalf of "The Eater of Worlds," which allowed for Jericho to deal with Wyatt on a one-on-one basis, with no fear of sneak-attacks during the bout. The Wyatts are not the type of people that take defeat lightly and will likely continue their mental games against Y2J. What new scheme will Wyatt hatch as he continues to target the "Ayatollah of Rock n Rollah?"

With WWE World Heavyweight Champion John Cena having retained his title at "Battleground," it is safe to say that "Plan A" -- that included Kane and Randy Orton working as a team to help "The Viper" take the title back on behalf of The Authority -- failed miserably after Cena nailed Orton with the Attitude Adjustment, tossing him on top of Kane and pinning "The Devil's Favorite Demon" to win the Fatal Fourway main event match. And while Triple H said leading up to "Battleground" that he always has a "Plan B," "The Game's" best laid plans went to waste after Seth Rollins -- owner of the Money In The Bank (MITB) suitcase -- was forced to retreat from the arena due to Dean Ambrose's relentless refusal to let up on his former Shield cohort, even after Triple H banned Ambrose from the building during the "Battleground Kick-Off Show." With all their "Battleground" plans gone up in smoke, will The Authority turn to Paul Heyman, who presented Triple H with a "Plan C" -- maybe Brock Lesnar, who is slated to appear on "Raw" -- prior to "Battleground?" Or will The Authority continue to put their trust behind Orton, Kane, and Rollins despite their chemistry issues they seem to have of late?

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