Plants vs Zombies fans are still waiting for the release of PvZ 2 on Android, but so far, game developers have kept mum on release dates.

PopCap has already released the sequel to its smash video game hit with Plants vs Zombies 2, and the game has since hit a record high of 16 million downloads in just one week. However, these numbers are exclusive to iOS users - the only system the game was released to. Now, Android users are screaming for a release of the video game on their OS but PopCap seems to be dodging appeals.

Online, netizens have been buzzing about the release on Android, with several users bombarding Plants vs Zombies' Twitter account with release date queries.

"Hey @PlantsvsZombies, any news on when an Android version is coming? Can't play PvZ2 on @KayleighQuick's IOS forever.......," tweeted David McCann (@TheMcCannic).

Notably though, PvZ only has vague answers to such questions. The account replied to McCann with a simple: "Stay tuned to our official channels for any news on the topic as it becomes available!"

While most Android users are itching to get their hands on the game and start their zombie annihilation, Product Reviews says the game may not drop in other systems soon. According to the tech website, the reason for the delay could be PopCap's development of Far Future - the latest update to the iOS game. With the announcement of the new update, "it is clear that delivering at least a Plants vs. Zombies 2 Android release date is not a priority for PopCap," wrote the site.

However, Latin Times notes that an Android follow up has been a trend for mobile games lately. "An iOS version is released first and then other mobile platforms will get the game," noted the site, citing "Temple Run 2" as an example. If this be the case, then Android users shouldn't worry about a PvZ drought. The game could be just around the corner.