Cristiano Ronaldo was a guest on a Japanese TV show, and the result was a bit awkward.

It started off with the Portuguese soccer player walking down long halls and giving everyone on his way a high five. He passes a poster of himself before entering the set.

There was one translator for the soccer player, and Ronaldo replied in English.

After a life-size poster of the soccer player was brought out, one of the hosts pointed at Ronaldo's abs in the picture. Ronaldo explained that he ate well to get this physique. Then, Ronaldo explained how he used a product to strengthen his jaw muscles.

He puts one part in his mouth and then shook his head up and down. There are two plastic pieces that stick out and have a sort of wing movement.

Ronaldo also showed them another device he uses along his jawline.

The hosts asked about his crying after winning the Ballon d'Or at the 2013 Fifa Awards.

"Because I was happy and it was a unique moment in my career," he said, describing that night. "My kid is coming in my direction. That touched me a lot."

He also said that he was always passionate about soccer, playing as young as when he was 3 years old. He grew up around the sport because his dad and brother also played soccer.

Cristiano was asked a series of questions by young children, which he seemed charmed by. After seeing the video, there was a smile on his face.

But he said there is no secret to being successful in the sport. He talked about having strong legs and shooting the ball. He also said that for him there isn't an area where he wants to improve. Instead, he shoots to be overall better.

The camera would focus on his shoes and his jeans every so often.

Although there were some parts that were lost in translation, every so often, Ronaldo would offer a good piece of advice to aspiring soccer players and he remained a good sport throughout the almost 13-minute segment.

Watch the video below: