As to be expected, there will be lots of drama in the Braverman family when the next and final season of "Parenthood" returns to NBC this fall.

In the emotionally gripping ending of Season 5, the Bravermans lost their family home and Ryan and Amber rekindled their old flame. In addition, Sarah and Hank finally got together, Haddie returned home from college with her lesbian girlfriend, and Julia and Joel began to show signs of reconciliation in their tumultuous marriage.

However, just when fans thought they could take a sigh of relief, executive producer Jason Katims warned that things will take a drastic turn for the worst in the premiere of season six.

During the Television Critics Association Press Tour earlier this month, Katims revealed that the new season will present "a huge new challenge" that will affect all members Braverman clan and last throughout the remaining 12 episodes of the show, reports Bustle.

"One of the things I wanted to do for the season was to find one larger story that influences everybody on the show," he said.

He described the conflict as something that "we didn't see before," adding that although it won't affect the storylines going on during he season, it will be "something that tracks us throughout the year."

Adding to the speculation of what the new "challenge" may be, TVLine dropped a spoiler that could stir up trouble Julia and Joel's already quarrelsome marriage. The website reports that Julia's ex-boyfriend Chris will be introduced once the new season debuts on Sept. 25.  Chris and Julia attended law school together, and apparently they will begin working together at her new job. Chris' presence alone could trigger backlash in their relationship.

Season 6 of "Parenthood" is slated to begin on Sept. 25 on NBC.