"Lo Que La Vida Me Robó" has put its viewers on a roller coaster of emotions, and it seems the ending had the very same effect on many.

Here's what to expect for the final three episodes.

Episode 194: Graciela rises from her wheelchair, proving that her sickness is a lie. Pedro tells Montserrat that he needs her to return his favor for saving her husband's life. Alejandro receives a call from Pedro Medina, who says he has Montserrat in his power.

Episode 195: Victor asks Pedro Medina what he did to Graciela, but Pedro Medina says he did nothing to her. Graciela arrives and tells Victor that Pedro will take her daughter. While, Nadia finds herself in a chair with Laurito, Romina and Victoria, Medina comes to interrupt this peace.

Episode 196: The episode kicks off with Montserrat and Alejandro visiting the hospital. José Luis arrives with Virginia and says that Medina won't hurt her mother, and he promises to find the children.

Victoria's mom wants Pedro Medina to die, and she confesses that Victor let him live. Dimitrio throws Graciela from her wheelchair, and Montserrat confronts her about letting Pedro Medina take her children. Alejandro berates her and tries to find out where his children are.

Graciela confesses that she didn't want this to happen, and that she tried to stop it.

José Luis visits Victor at the hospital, and Victor tries to make things right between the two.

Graciela admits to Dimitrio that she can walk, and she also knows where the children are being hidden. Graciela takes him to where the children supposedly are. Instead, she kills herself.

Montserrat finds out that her mother committed suicide, though Dimitrio is not certain if she is dead.

José Luis tells Alejandro and Montserrat that the doctor who lied for Graciela has been detained, and that he swears Laurito and Romina will be with them again.

Alejandro and José Luis find themselves desperate for more news. They find out that Medina has Suarez in his pocket, and they think that perhaps he knows where Montserrat's children are.

Pedro is getting ready to leave town with the children, and he kills Suarez.

Pedro Medina fires at José Luis. but Alejandro saves his life. José Luis finds the children in cages. Meanwhile, Montserrat finds herself going crazy worrying about where her children are.

José Luis takes a bomb out of the cages. It explodes and leaves him unconscious.

The children are reunited with Montserrat. Pedro Medina is arrested, but between Alejandro and José Luis only one is said to have survived.

Nadia and Dimitro talk, and she forgives him completely. Erick and Esmeralda try to give their relationship a go, but she said she can't promise him anything.

Graciela does not die, and she remembers all the bad things she has done.

In the end, it is revealed that it is José Luis, who is in the coffin.

Montserrat and Alejandro leave the church walking hand in hand.

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