"And So It Goes" is currently in theaters and stars Michael Douglas and Diane Keaton. One of the other actors in the film is rising star Luis Figueroa.

Figueroa, a Panamanian native, moved to the U.S. at the age of 10. He resides in New York and Los Angeles and has worked as an actor, singer and dancer in a variety of different venues. He has appeared in commercials for Coke Zero, Miller, Coors Light, the U.S. Army and Bank of America. He also appeared in the hit play "Wicked," which he toured throughout the U.S. and Canada. He got his first crack at Hollywood in the 2014 release "Winter's Tale" and will now get a chance to further his career in "And So It Goes."

The actor spoke with Latin Post about his experiences on set and his future projects:

Latin Post: What was the most challenging part about making this film?

Luis Figueroa: Any time I am on set it's a challenge. A fun challenge, but a challenge no less. Not only am I concerned with lines and the "acting part" but camera awareness.

Am I on my mark? Do they see what I am trying to convey? Am I too big for the camera? Can I do this [for] five more takes? It's easy to let your mind go on tangents. The challenge for me is to let all of that go and trust in the work.

LP: Which cast members did you learn most from during the production?

LF: Everyone. I always try to learn something new from everyone I work with. In front of and behind the camera. We are all trying to make a great film. What we do is fun.

This was the most fun and relaxed environment in which I have ever worked. It's a romantic comedy, why should going to work not be fun? I learned from everyone in this production to smile and enjoy the process. It's fun. It's why we all got into the business.

LP: What lessons did you learn while making this film?

LF: Stars are just like us!

LP: How was it different from other films you have worked on?

LF: Filming in the daytime is a lot less tiring than night shoots. Last film I worked on was "Winter's Tale." Because most of the scenes around the time I worked had been done at night, I had to get on everyone's schedule. So I would arrive on set at around 4, 5 in the afternoon and be there till about 4, 5 in the morning. It's exhausting.

"And So It Goes" was all day shots. It was great to have a normal sleep pattern during this.

LP: What was the experience of working with with Rob Reiner? Michael Douglas? Diane Keaton?

LF: I still can't believe it happened. You get into this industry just wanting to work. You never really expect to get to work with the likes of them. Like I mentioned before, it was such a great work environment. They are the stars of the film, acting and directing. They lead us, and they lead with grace and with such a positive energy. I can only hope to work with any of them again.

LP: What motivated you to get into the industry?

LF: I wanted to live in New York. I couldn't see myself living there and not being an actor.

LP: Role models?

LF: My sister, John Leguizamo, Lucille Ball.

LP: What is your next project?

LF: I just started work on my one man show "art by:Luis" to be done here in LA at a place called Rockwell. It's TedTalks meets a folk concert. I did one in Seattle two years ago.

It's storytelling, lessons learned, the ups and downs of life with music accompaniment. Similar to John Leguizamo's "Sexaholic" but with my stories and my life experience.