Intercontinental Champion The Miz kicked off "WWE Friday Night Smackdown" this week, with Roman Reigns as his special guest.

The Miz, who kept asking Reigns questions but not letting him answer, told the audience that he invited Reigns to his show because he likes mentoring the youngsters in the locker room. After getting fed up with the champion's disrespect, Reigns punched The Miz in the face, took the mic and told Randy Orton that, while he respected "The Viper," he intended to hurt him Sunday night.

Cesaro lost to Dean Ambrose after getting caught with Ambrose's Dirty Deeds finisher. After the match, Seth Rollins came out to the ramp to tell Ambrose he plans on ending their feud at "SummerSlam."

Dolph Ziggler defeated Titus O'Neil after hitting O'Neil with the Zig Zag.

Mark Henry defeated Luke Harper of The Wyatt Family via disqualification after Harper's tag team partner, Erick Rowan, interfered in the match. After order was restored, Kane announced he would restart the bout as a tag team match, with Mark Henry teaming up with The Big Show against The Wyatts. Henry held down Rowan as The Big Show nailed him with a WMD before Rowan took the World's Strongest Slam for the loss.

For the second time this week, Eva Marie upset WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee, in a non-title match, after AJ was distracted by Paige, failing to beat the referee's 10-count back into the ring. After the match, Paige hit AJ with her Paige Turner finisher to lay her "SummerSlam" foe out before skipping away back to the locker room.

Jack Swagger was victorious over Bo Dallas after Dallas tapped out when he was locked up in Swagger's Patriot Lock submission hold. After the match, Lana and Rusev came out to the ramp to ratchet up their pro-Vladimir Putin rhetoric before Dallas took the mic to complain that he had not tapped out in the match, blaming the official's incompetence for the loss.

In the main event, Intercontinental Champion The Miz took on Roman Reigns before deciding he wanted to nothing do with his opponent. Dolph Ziggler ran down the ring to prevent The Miz from abandoning the bout before The Miz ate a Superman Punch from Reigns while battling outside the ring. Reigns ended things by hitting The Miz with a Spear to get the 1-2-3-count and the win to end the show.