Dean Ambrose Calls Out Seth Rollins on WWE Smackdown Before Hell in A Cell PPV

WWE SmackDown Spoilers for October 24, 2014: Dean Ambrose Calls Out Seth Rollins With Hell in a Cell Days Away

Also, WWE Intercontinental Champion gets a rematch against Cesaro, WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee takes on Paige's BFF Alicia Fox in a non-title bout, WWE Tag Team Champions Goldust and Stardust team up with Bo Dallas to face The Usos and Mark Henry, and Nikki Bella partners up with Summer Rae and Cameron to battle her sister Brie Bella, Natalya, and Naomi.
Dean Ambrose Battles Kane As He Prepares For Hell In A Cell

WWE SmackDown Spoilers, October 17, 2014: Dean Ambrose Prepares for Hell in a Cell Against Kane

Also, WWE Intercontinental Champion goes up against Seth Rollins in a non-title match, The WWE Tag Team Champions -- Stardust and Goldust -- partner up with The Miz to battle WWE United States Champion Sheamus and the Usos, and Nikki Bella takes on Naomi.
John Cena Seeks Revenge on The Authority on WWE Smackdown

WWE SmackDown Spoilers, Results for October 01, 2014: John Cena, Dean Ambrose Get Rematch Against Kane & Randy Orton

Also, WWE United States Champion Sheamus and WWE Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler in action, Paige battles Naomi, Big Show apologizes for his actions on "Monday Night Raw," and Cesaro goes one-on-one against R-Truth.
WWE Smackdown: Mark Henry Sends One Last Message To Rusev Before Night of Champions

WWE SmackDown Spoilers for Sept. 19, 2014: Mark Henry Sends Red, White & Blue Message to Rusev as 'Night of Champion' Approaches

Also, WWE US Champion Sheamus teams up with WWE Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler in tag team action against The Miz and Cesaro, WWE Divas Champion fights Nikki Bella as AJ Lee watches from ringside, the Big Show recruits Los Matadores to do battle against the Wyatts, and Bo Dallas attempts to make a "Bo-Liever" out of Jack Swagger.
Randy Orton, Chris Jericho Square Off in WWE Smackdown Main Event

WWE SmackDown Spoilers, Results for Sept. 12, 2014: Chris Jericho & Roman Reigns Look for Revenge Against The Authority

Also, WWE Divas Champion Paige sends AJ Lee a message before WWE Night of Champions 2014, Rusev and Mark Henry settle their differences with an "International Arm-Wrestling" contest, Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler teams up with R-Truth to take care of business against The Miz and Damien Miz-Dow, and Bo Dallas tries to inspire Justin Gabriel.
Roman Reigns Prepares For SummerSlam

WWE SmackDown Spoilers, Results for August 15, 2014: Roman Reigns Battles Intercontinental Champ The Miz With 'SummerSlam' Days Away

Also, Cesaro goes one-on-one against Dean Ambrose, Dolph Ziggler battles Titus ONeil, Eva Marie looks for another upset against WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee, and Bo Dallas attempts to make a "Bo-Liever" out of Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter,

WWE SmackDown Spoilers for August 8: Dean Ambrose Makes Important SummerSlam Decision, Battles Randy Orton

Also, Seth Rollins challenges Dolph Ziggler to a fight, The Big Show teams up with Mark Henry against Rybexl, Paige goes up against Natalya, Rusev tests strength against Big E, and Chris Jercho sends a message to The Wyatts prior to WWE Summerslam.
Roman Reigns Gets Ready for WWE BattleGround

WWE SmackDown Spoilers, Results for July 18, 2014: Dean Ambrose Wants Payback as he Battles Kane

Also, Alberto Del Rio battles Kofi Kingston, United States Champion Sheamus teams up with Dolph Ziggler in a tag team bout against Fandango and The Miz, Chris Jericho prepares himself for his "Battleground" match against Bray Wyatt by facing Luke Harper, and WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee teams up with former champion Paige as they face new BFFs Layla and Summer Rae.
Rusev & Lana Battle Roman Reigns on WWE Smackdown

WWE SmackDown Spoilers, Results for July 11, 2014: Roman Reigns Goes Toe-to-Toe With Rusev

Also, Chris Jericho goes one-on-one against Randy Orton, AJ Lee battles Cameron of the Funkadactyls, Summer Rae and Layla settle their differences, Goldust takes on Ryback in singles competition, and Bo Dallas puts his undefeated streak on the line in a "Handicap" match against Diego and El Torito of Los Matadores.
Seth Rollins & Triple H Make Presence Felt on WWE Smackdown

WWE SmackDown Spoilers, Results for July 4, 2014: Sheamus Defends US Title, Dean Ambrose Battles Randy Orton

Also, Chris Jericho - returning from a hiatus with the WWE - addresses the Wyatts' attack on him, Bo Dallas looks to stay undefeated, Antonio Cesaro takes on Big E Langston, and Damien Sandow battles the Bulgarian brute Alexander Rusev.
Triple H & Randy Orton Scheming for WWE Money in the Bank

WWE SmackDown Spoilers, Results for June 27, 2014: Roman Reigns Looks to Take Out Kane Before MITB

Also, Dean Ambrose faces Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett, WWE Divas Champion Paige battles Cameron of the Funkadactyls in a non-title match, Bray Wyatt takes on United States Champion Sheamus in singles competition while Cesaro and Alberto Del Rio team up against Dolph Ziggler and Rob Van Dam.
Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns of The Shield Seek Justice

WWE SmackDown Spoilers, Results for June 13, 2014: Dean Ambrose Battles Bray Wyatt in MITB Qualifier Match

Also, Roman Reigns goes up against Intercontinental Champion "Bad News" Barrett, Bo Dallas attempts to make a "Bo-Liever" out of R-Truth, Askana takes on Alicia Fox, Big E battles Jack Swagger, and Adam Rose and the "Exotic Express" face Fandango.
Seth Rollins Makes Evolution Debut on Smackdown

WWE SmackDown Spoilers, Results for June 6, 2014: Seth Rollins Takes Care of Business for Evolution

Also, Alicia Fox loses it again, Intercontinental Champion"Bad News" Wade Barrett battles Rob Van Dam and Antonio Cesaro, WWE Tag Team champions the Usos go up against Ryback and Curtis Axel, Rusev looks to dismantle another foe, and Bray Wyatt makes his return since losing to John Cena at "Payback."
Bray Wyatt1

WWE SmackDown Spoilers, Results for May 28, 2014: Jimmy Uso Takes on Bray Wyatt in "Last Man Standing" Match

Also, Sheamus battles "Bad News" Wade Barrett in a non-title "Champion vs Champion" match, Bo Dallas tries to make a "Bo-Liever" out of Xavier Woods, Paige goes one-on-one with Tamina, Big E shows off his strength to Alexander Rusov, and El Torito attempts to go 3-0 against 3MB.
The Shield1

WWE Smackdown Spoilers, Results for April 25, 2014: The Shield Ready for Evolution, Extreme Rules

With just weeks left until their match against Evolution at WWE Extreme Rules, The Shield sends a message to Triple H, Batista, and Randy Orton, The Wyatts are in action against Cody Rhodes and Goldust, and Tamina prepares for WWE Divas title match against Paige.
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