Dean Ambrose kicked off the August 8 edition of WWE Smackdown by crowing about being able to pick the stipulation for his "SummerSlam" bout against Seth Rollins after winning Monday's Beat The Clock Challenge.

Ambrose picked his poison and decided he shall face Rollins in a Lumberjack match -- which will entail several wrestlers surrounding the outside of the ring to prevent either combatant from leaving the squared the circle. Rollins eventually interrupted his former Shield partner, informing "The Lunatic Fringe" that Ambrose had a match against Randy Orton in the main event of "Friday Night Smackdown."

After getting into argument in the backstage area, Seth Rollins challenged Dolph Ziggler to match before pinning him in the ring for the victory.

The Big Show and Mark Henry partnered up to defeat Ryback and Curtis Axel in tag team action.

Sin Cara pinned Damien Sandow for the quick win.

Former WWE Divas Champion Paige -- who has stepped up her aggression since losing the WWE Divas Championship to AJ Lee, including tossing her off the ramp and injuring the champ -- defeated Natalya in preparation for her title match against AJ at "SummerSlam."

Rusev forced Big E to tap out in his Accolade finisher to roll on to another win as he gets ready for his bout against Jack Swagger at "SummerSlam."

Chris Jericho came out to the ring and cut a promo about what he will do to Wyatt now that his cronies will not be allowed to accompany him at the pay-per-view event, after weeks of being fed to the buzzards by crazy clan. Y2J defeated Erick Rowan last week on "WWE Friday Night Smackdown" and Luke Harper Monday on WWE Raw, forcing their banishment from ringside when the six-time WWE world champion takes on Bray Wyatt at "SummerSlam".

Dean Ambrose's main event bout against Randy Orton ended in a no-contest. Seth Rollins came out to the ring and interfered in the match, which concluded in a brawl to wrap up the show.