With WWE Summerslam approaching fast, Monday Night Raw's August 4 edition looks to stoke the flames to the fire of one of the biggest wrestling PPVs of the year.

Brie Bella found her way back onto the WWE main roster last week, leveraging pressing legal charges against Stephanie McMahon into a return to the ring. Bella got more than just her job back, however, as she also blackmailed McMahon into stepping inside the squared circle for the first time in over a decade as a stipulation for dropping the aggravated assault charges and challenging The Authority member to match at "SummerSlam." Bella may have to be careful after getting her wish, considering what The Authority has done to her husband when he angered the McMahons in the past. What will McMahon do to make sure Bella does not make it to "SummerSlam" with her health intact?

Randy Orton decimated Roman Reigns last week, angered that Reigns cost him a shot at a championship title match and a headlining slot at "SummerSlam." Reigns was scheduled to face Kane last week on "Raw" but was attacked by "The Viper" before he could make it to the ring. Kane choke-slammed Reigns, which allowed Orton to deliver two RKO's on the announcers table. "The Apex Predator" wants to further punish Reigns for stealing from him and challenged the former Shield member to a match at "SummerSlam" last week. Will Reigns step up and accept the match against Orton at the summer wrestling event?

WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee may show up bruised this week after Paige attacked the champ, tossing her off the ramp last week on "Friday Night Smackdown" after AJ defeated Rosa Mendes in a non-title match. Paige turned on her friend recently and has made it clear that she wants the title back that she lost to AJ prior to "Battleground." Will AJ be in any condition, after being diagnosed with whiplash, to fend off the young former champion's challenge to her title?

Intercontinental Champion The Miz has been making Dolph Ziggler's life miserable since winning the title at the Battleground Battle Royal, tossing Ziggler over the top rope to win the bout and the championship. Ziggler has made it clear that he wants a title shot, but his obsession with The Miz is making him lose his focus, as was shown on "Friday Night Smackdown" when Ziggler lost to Alberto Del Rio after The Miz distracted him long enough for ADR to clamp the Cross Armbreaker to win the match. What will Ziggler do as he continues his quest to win his second Intercontinental Championship?

Chris Jericho did himself a huge favor on Friday, having defeated Erick Rowan of the Wyatts in a singles competition after catching Rowan with a Codebreaker, forcing his banishment from ringside at "SummerSlam." Y2J hopes to repeat the same feat on Monday against Luke Harper, with the same stipulation in play should Jericho defeat Harper. That would force Bray Wyatt to fight Jericho without any help from his clan for their match scheduled in Los Angeles. Will Jericho be able to beat the Wyatt Family's behemoth and force Bray Wyatt to face Y2J alone at "SummerSlam?"

According to several reports, neither WWE World Heavyweight Champion John Cena nor his Summerslam opponent, Brock Lesnar, are expected to appear due to scheduling issues for both. However, former world champion The Big Show may make an appearance after spending time away from the ring to shoot the film "Vendetta."

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