Tired of tasting defeat week in and week out, there seems to be a new attitude driving Big E and Kofi Kingston since joining up with Xavier Woods. After a disappointing loss to Ryback and Curtis Axel, Woods called out both WWE Superstars out for pandering to the fans, saying that Kingston and Big E should take what is theirs. The newest WWE tag team on the scene took the message to heart, dismantling Heath Slater and Titus O'Neil on WWE Main Event, letting the world know they are no longer dealing with nice guys looking to entertain their fans. Who will Big E and Kingston target next as they continue their partnership with Woods?

Stephanie McMahon will likely be in a foul mood after being arrested last week in Miami during Monday Night Raw's stop in South Beach, charged with aggravated battery after slapping Brie Bella -- who had a front-row ticket to attend the show. The Authority has been silent as McMahon goes through the legal process but Bella was invited to attend Raw week. What scheme will The Authority hatch as payback against Daniel Bryan's wife after she embarrassed one of the heads of the company for a second time?

It has become obvious that Bray Wyatt does not taking losing lightly as Chris Jericho found out last week. Y2J defeated Wyatt at Battleground but paid a steep price the following day after Jericho was ambushed by The Wyatt Family in his own locker room prior to hosting the clan leader on the Highlight Reel segment. With Wyatt having warned Jericho that he was not done with him, what macabre plans does the "Eater of Worlds" have in store for Jericho as he pushes the former champion to the extreme?

After having dumped Paul Heyman, Cesaro tried to impress The Authority by taking care of Seth Rollins' problem that keeps preventing him from cashing in his Money In The Bank suitcase: Dean Ambrose. Ambrose spoiled Cesaro's plans on Monday Night Raw last week when he decided to punish "The King of Swing" with a steel chair rather focus on winning their match, getting himself disqualified. Cesaro got a second chance to impress The Authority on Friday Night Smackdown in a No Disqualification rematch against Ambrose who, despite Rollins' constant interference throughout the bout, managed to overcome the "numbers game" to earn the victory. Not happy with the results, Cesaro managed to leave some sort of an impression after the bout helping Rollins beat Ambrose down, leaving him broken in the ring. What further steps will Cesaro take to get in the good graces of Triple H and The Authority?

Despite Cesaro having broken ties with Heyman, the former mastermind of Extreme Championship Wrestling is not without clients, and in fact has positioned himself in a grand position offering Triple H a "Plan C" after The Authority's failures at Battleground in trying to snatch the WWE World Heavyweight Championship away from John Cena. With Randy Orton, Kane, and Seth Rollins having failed to earn the SummerSlam main event slot in the WWE COO's eyes, Triple H turned to the man who broke The Undertaker's Wrestlemania undefeated streak for help against Cena: Brock Lesnar. How will Cena handle the latest challenge to his title reign as SummerSlam quickly approaches?

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