The running back is an extremely important position to draft in fantasy football.

Outside of the quarterback, you could argue this is the most essential piece of your team. Turnovers are limited and carries are guaranteed.

Although the last two real NFL Drafts haven't seen a running back selected in the first round, we're going to go against that. Here are five running backs you must consider for fantasy football.

1. Adrian Peterson

Peterson is the safest pick of any running back. He's rushed for 1,000 yards every year of his career, except for 2011, when he missed the mark by 30 yards because of an injury. Peterson has also rushed for double digit touchdowns every single season of his career. The Minnesota Vikings still aren't fully set at the quarterback position, so you can certainly bet Peterson will get a lot of carries.

Although Peterson didn't lead the league in rushing last season, he's still the most consistent year in and year out. He doesn't miss many games, and he's still just 29 years old. Playing in a dome for the majority of the season doesn't hurt as well.

2. LeSean McCoy

"Shady McCoy" led the entire league in rushing yards last season with 1,607. The Eagles are dedicated to running the football in their hurry up offense, so there's no reason to worry about him getting enough touches. McCoy is also a great receiving back who caught 539 yards last season. He's a great running back who is capable of breaking the most electrifying moves in football. With DeSean Jackson no longer on the team, quarterback Nick Foles is going to have to depend on McCoy a lot more.

3. Jamaal Charles

Charles is the fastest back on this list. No running back in the league is capable of breaking the big play like Charles can. The Kansas City Chiefs depended on Charles last season more than any other team depended on their running back. Charles ran for nearly 1,300 yards and 13 touchdowns, while catching nearly 700 yards. His 2013 season accumulated for a league leading 19 total touchdowns.

Head coach Andy Reid loves to use his running backs every way possible, even going back to his days in Philadelphia. Charles was the leading rusher and receiver for the Chiefs last season.

4. Marshawn Lynch

The Seattle Seahawks are a defensive minded football team to the fullest. But offensively, they rely on their running game. Lynch led the NFL in rushing touchdowns last year with 12, tied with Charles. Lynch is also one of the most used backs in the league, and he's shown he can carry the large load of carries. The last three consecutive seasons, Lynch has rushed for more than 10 touchdowns and has only missed one game.

5. Matt Forte

Last season was Matt Forte's best statistical season of his young career. The 28-year-old running back ran for a career high 1,339 yards and received a career high 594 yards. Jay Cutler is a good quarterback, but he always struggles to stay on the field. Forte is the most important offensive player on the Chicago Bears. He is also a good ball protector.

Since 2008, Forte has fumbled the ball 16 times to Adrian Peterson's 27. Fans don't have to worry about his health either, as he has only missed five games in his entire career.

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