One last match may be added to Sunday's SummerSlam card, with the WWE World Tag Team Champions The Usos possibly defending against the newly-formed World's Strongest Team -- The Big Show and Mark Henry. Hulk Hogan, who was in attendance for the WWE 2K15 video game panel on Saturday and noted to be backstage at the Staple Arena, may also make an appearance at the summer event, though in what capacity is not known. While he was involved in the John Cena-Brock Lensar feud after Lesnar interrupted his birthday party last Monday night on "Raw", Hogan may just be tapped to promote the video game throughout the night.

WWE plans to reveal the new WWE World Heavyweight Championship belt to winner of Cena-Lesnar main event tonight, with the belt bearing the company's new logo they recently revealed. Rumors are that Lesnar may win Sunday but that the Money In The Bank suitcase holder, Seth Rollins, may get involved in the match.

In other news, Alberto Del Rio is headed to Mexico's AAA wrestling organization after being fired from the WWE last week, with El Patron -- as he will be now known since the WWE has trademark rights to his ADR name -- saying that he will be at Sunday's TripleMania XXII event taking place in Arena Ciudad de México in Mexico City.

While TNA Wrestling is said to be interested in signing ADR, according to "The Wrestling Observer," with the company willing to make him champion right away, the man now known as El Patron has gone back to his Mexican roots of wrestling.

El Patron said he would not be wrestling at TripleMania XXII, at a press conference promoting the internet-pay-per-view (iPPV), but hoped his lawyers could get a court injunction that would allow him to compete Sunday night. El Patron then said he would like to compete for the AAA Mega Heavyweight Champion and called out Hijo Del Tejano during the presser.

El Patron went on to say that he could not comment on his firing but had told other Mexican media outlets that a confrontation had occurred with a WWE employee and that he cannot legally compete in the United States for almost a year due to the incident.

Rey Mysterio, who has been out of action from the WWE due to an injury and expressed interest in competing in AAA after his contract with WWE runs out, was advertised to be at TripleMania XXII but will not likely be at the event. WWE believes that Mysterio owes the company a year because of his time off recovering from injuries and cannot sign with a new company until May 2015. But reports that the masked wrestler has stopped cashing his checks, with both sides far apart regarding the contract situation.

AAA President Joaquin Roldan said during Friday's presser that he could not comment on Mysterio's contract situation as he is under contract with the WWE, while AAA's Hugo Savinovich said to Mexican media that Mysterio will sign with the company once his contract situation is resolved.

AAA does very well south of the border, and signing both El Patron and Mysterio gives the organization two recognizable names in the North American wrestling market who have had great success in the WWE, as they get set to debut their new North American weekly series "Lucha: Uprising" on Robert Rodriguez's new El Rey Network in October.

In NXT news, former Ring of Honor Champion Kevin Steen has officially signed with the WWE, with Triple H tweeting a pic of the company's latest acquisition at the WWE Performance Center. Steen has completed his indy wrestling circuit obligations and has reported to Orlando, where he will begin his path to get to the main WWE roster. Steen joins Japan's KENTA and Fergal Devitt as the next generation of stars going through the company's NXT system.

One person who may be in the WWE's radar in the near future is former TNA World Champion Bully Ray, who is reported to be leaving after nine years with the company. Bully Ray -- one half of the former WWE, TNA, and Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) Tag Team Champion the Dudley Boys -- has been a major heel for TNA and would make a solid acquisition for the WWE. The move puts the company in an akward position after it was announced that Bully Ray and Devon would be inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame at their Bound For Glory PPV.

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighter Chael Sonnen appeared on Chris Jericho's "Talk is Jericho" podcast and told the WWE star that the company called him to inform him that they would not be interested in signing him considering his issues with Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) after failing two drug tests this year. Sonnen said that the caller told him he could make a lot of money in the business if he was a 24-year-old but that the WWE was not interested unless TNA called him up, in which case, they would considering matching an offer.

"I was like, OK, now at least I get we're you're coming from," said Sonnen to Jericho.

Kevin Steen vs El Generico (NXT's Sami Zayn) ROH Ladder War