The British TV series "Sherlock" won several awards at the recent Emmy Awards. However, the exact date of Season 4 has yet to be confirmed, with the lead actors busy with their own acting commitments.

Steven Moffat has dropped some hints about season 4 during their celebration of the show's success at the Emmys.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Steven Moffat said that they are planning to top Season 3 and that their plans include something devastating.

He added that they had reduced the cast to tears when they told them the plans for season 4 and that everyone is very excited about the upcoming season.

Co-creator Mark Gatiss added that "Sherlock" Season 4 will be darker and they are taking the story to all the places it never went to before, except for outer space. He said that it will be a challenging season, starting with a re-introduction that will go towards building a darker climax.

That's all well and good but those hints were not what the fans wanted. What they really want to know is the date when Season 4 will premiere.

It is something that the producers cannot reveal at this moment, although they say that the filming for the new installment will start in January.

Despite the very busy schedules of Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, they remain committed to the show. The producers and writers are saying that they will continue to make "Sherlock" episodes as long as it remains a very good show.

Steven Moffat, for one, is hoping that they continue to make "Sherlock," Deadline reports. He also hopes that the Emmy Awards the show received in 2014 will be an impetus for more people to watch Season 4 and the successive seasons.

He was elated that they have also won outside of America but thought that interest in the show might be waning. He thought that with such an old show they weren't likely to win, but they were very with their Emmys performance.