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Fall Out Boy New Album: Band Releases Latest Single, Album in the Works

First Posted: Sep 09, 2014 07:00 PM EDT
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On Monday, Fall Out Boy released their latest single "Centuries" whose chorus is inspired by Suzanne Vega's song, "Tom's Diner."

During a recent interview with Kat Corbett of KROQ, FOB band mates Patrick Stump and Pete Wentz explained their decision to incorporate Vega's song into their new single.

"I feel like it was so ubiquitous when we were kids," Stump explained. "I mean, that song was absolutely everywhere and it just kind of disappeared. I haven't heard it in a minute. And I was like that's a shame. That was such an amazing song. I would love for that to get some kind of tip of the hat."

Wentz chimed in, "And, it's definitely a song people know but they know [only] that part and they don't necessarily know the artist or the rest of the song or any of that. It's kinda cool to re-inject that into pop culture."

Though the FOB used the "Tom's Diner" lyrics for their new single, Radio notes that Vega's original vocal track is noticeably missing from the new FOB song.

Instead, FOB reached out to Lolo to cover the classic hook. [Radio]

"I think it may be cheaper for us," Wentz explained his decision to use Lolo's voice on the "Tom's Diner" inspired hook.

Check out Fall Out Boy's latest single, "Centures" below.

While speaking with DIY, Wentz predicted that FOB fans would have "an immediate visceral reaction" to the band's new song.

"The idea of the song is a David vs Goliath story...I think people will have an immediate visceral reaction it. The kind of art I want to be involved in should inspire a reaction!" Wentz explained.

Though the band has not announced an official date for their upcoming album, Wentz revealed that another Fall Out Boy album might be available to fans sometime "very early next year."

"We have an album mostly written and about halfway recorded. So my guess would be - and this is realistic, because I feel like when you say shit that is unrealistic people call you out on it - that might be done very early next year."

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