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Kylie Jenner Boyfriend and Relationship News: Jaden Smith Tweets Love for 'KUWTK' Star

First Posted: Sep 12, 2014 05:10 PM EDT
Kylie Jenner

Photo : Instagram/Birdie

Jaden Smith and Kylie Jenner have long been rumored to be together.

And though they have either chosen to deny or ignore it, a new tweet by Jaden Smith may be all the proof we need.

On Thursday, Jaden said, "I Love Kylie Jenner."

This simple tweet is much simpler and straightforward than the things Jaden is known for saying on the social media platform.

Kylie hasn't responded to the message via her social media accounts.

The youngest of the Kardashian/Jenner clan recently opened up to Miss Vogue about Jaden.

"He's my best friend," she simply said.

She also explained her family's dynamic.

"[Kendall and I] balance each other out, she's super shy and I'm super outgoing," she said. "[Khloe] helped raise us and was often the one to discipline us. [Kim and I] butt heads ... but in a sisterly manner. We like to succeed as a group, so we are never really jealous. We don't want each other to fail."

She also said that she and her older sisters grew up entirely different, as she and Kendall were always in the spotlight and her sister's adolescent years were private. So adds that she is grateful that Kendall was able to share the same experiences with her.

Though Kendall no longer lives at home with their family, Kylie said that she constantly sees her but still misses her. She's also looking to get her own apartment in six months.

On top of landing the Miss Vogue shoot, Kylie also modeled for Byrdie.

She was styled in 1960s-inspired looks, and she talked about taking the best selfies. Her tips include posing by a window and using diffused lighting. She also says to just take a lot of pictures because you can always delete.

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