Heading into this week's WWE Raw, the Bella Twins family feud has reached a fever pitch with Jerry Springer getting caught in the crossfire while trying to use his political and talk show skills to mediate the situation. Nikki Bella must find a way to keep her focus, however, on her upcoming Triple Threat match at Night of Champions against WWE Divas Champion Paige and former champion AJ Lee -- with both WWE Divas annoyed that The Authority's Stephanie McMahon named Bella the No.1 contender. Will Nikki manage to deflect her family distractions long enough to win her second Divas title?

The Miz has been going through a horrible stretch run since losing the WWE Intercontinental Championship at SummerSlam to Dolph Ziggler. "The Showoff" recently hacked The Miz's "cloud," exposing The Miz's most embarrassing beauty tips to the world last week. The Miz and his stunt-double, Damien Miz-dow, are fighting mad, but must find a way to stay cool under pressure with a rematch against Ziggler coming up at Night of Champions. What new scheme will The Miz hatch as he attempts to regain the Intercontinental title?

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Randy Orton has returned to his "Legend Killer" ways as he continues to campaign for a WWE World Heavyweight Championship title shot, having set his cold eyes on Chris Jericho. Orton attacked Y2J in the trainers room after Jericho suffered an injury during his Steel Cage match against Bray Wyatt last Monday night. Y2J gained some measure of payback during Friday Night SmackDown in a tag team match that degenerated into an old-school brawl after teaming up with Roman Reigns in the main event. But will "The Viper" strike again and add another WWE legend to his long list of victims he has destroyed?

Speaking of Reigns, the ex-Shield member must have also gained a measure of satisfaction on SmackDown, managing to get his hands on The Authority after the assault he endured at the end of Raw last week. Since putting Dean Ambrose on the injured reserve list, MITB suitcase-holder Seth Rollins seems very determined to end the careers of his former Shield cohorts, last week ambushing Reigns during his SummerSlam rematch against Orton -- with help from Kane -- that degenerated into a mugging inside a steal cage. What new gauntlet will Rollins and The Authority place in front of Reigns as Rollins tries to eliminate any remnants of The Shield once and for all?

John Cena will get what he demanded from Paul Heyman last week -- a face-to-face with WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar. While Cena never laid a hand on Heyman, he made it clear that he would hurt Heyman if his client failed to show up this week. The last time Lesnar and Cena collided, at SummerSlam, Cena was at the wrong end of the "Eat. Sleep. German Suplex. Repeat" equation, losing his title to "The Anomaly." Will Cena keep his anger in check with his Night of Champions rematch right around the corner, or will Lesnar finish what he started at SummerSlam?

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