Floyd Mayweather, the current middleweight and welterweight boxing champion of the world, needs a new opponent.

Mayweather is a perfect 47-0 after his recent back-to-back wins over Marco Maidana.

The fight that everyone has wanted to see for years may finally be coming. Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao has "called out" Mayweather on numerous occasions, hoping to get a title shot. Yet since 2008, for many different reasons, this highly-anticipated bout hasn't happened.

Floyd Mayweather Sr. (Mayweather's father and former trainer) recently said:

"It's gonna happen. That fight's gonna happen. Trust me ... That fight's definitely gonna happen. It's a fight for the world, man, right there. It's the biggest fight that has ever been in life, so like I said, man, that fight's gonna happen."

Mayweather is 37 years old and has two more fights remaining on his contract with Showtime. Mayweather, himself, has not yet said who he will be facing next. Lately, Mayweather has expressed a lot of interest in facing English boxer Amir Khan, who is 29-3 in his career.

"My Dad wants the fight, I want to put him on his backside, so hopefully we can make it happen.” Mayweather said regarding a possible future fight with Khan.

Mayweather knows he is a superior fighter to Khan, which is likely why "Money" is very interested in facing him. Rather than facing off against a reliable tough opponent, Mayweather would rather face a much easier boxer such as Marco Maidana, Amir Khan or Saul Alvarez. Getting in to the ring with Pacquiao (or Keith Thurman) could spell a lot of trouble for Mayweather.

Throughout Mayweather's career, he has shown a consistency for putting more emphasis on money and easy victories rather than legacy.

Muhammad Ali finished his incredible boxing career with five losses. Does anybody really think Rocky Marciano was the greatest boxer ever because he went 49-0? Even Eric Esch (Butterbean) began his career 63-1. Boxing has always been more about who you beat and who you lose against, not your overall record. Mayweather seems to think just because his 47-0 record is unblemished, means it's perfect. It's time for Mayweather to fight Pacquiao and prove the doubters wrong.

Pacquiao is still scheduled to face undefeated Chris Algieri on Nov. 22 this year. Pacquiao is 35 years old, and has taken to social media several times challenging Mayweather. Pacquiao has even appeared on "ESPN First Take" saying that he would be willing to take less money and a drug test on the night of the fight. There have also been rumors that Mayweather is afraid to face a distinguished left handed fighter. Others just believe Mayweather will not do business with promoter Bob Arum.

A Mayweather match against Khan appears to be a very high possibility. With just two fights remaining on his contract, Mayweather is running out of time to prove to people he can defeat Pac-Man.

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