Yankee's great Lou Gehrig, Iron Horse, held the title as the leader in grand slams in Major League Baseball for 75 years. On Friday night, Alex Rodriguez replaced him; A-Rod hit a much-needed grand slam. The grand slam gave the Yankees a 5-1 victory over the San Francisco Giants at their home in Yankee Stadium. 

 This blast is A-Rod's seventh of the season, 654th in his career, and 24th grand slam of his career. Not to mention the luck A-Rod had in even stepping foot on the plate considering the 211 game suspension. 

 A-Rod said "We're really on a sprint to the end here, and every win is huge for us."

"It's an unbelievable accomplishment, and it's a big one for us ...to be able to have that many opportunities means you've been around a long time, but to be able to come through that many times means you've been a powerful hitter for a long time, and that's what he's been." Girardi commented about A-Rod to ESPN.

Despite recent hamstring and calf injuries, which had A-Rod staggering, it did not stop him Friday night. Girardi told ESPN he felt like A-Rod was running "freer."  

"When I saw him run to first today I thought it was the best I had seen him run in a while...he's a guy that uses his lower half a lot when he's hitting, and when you don't have it, it's a little more difficult" Girardi told ESPN.

A-Rod cannot agree with him more. "I think my legs are getting better," he said. "I felt for the most part I've been swinging the bat decently, but I've been missing balls, hitting a lot of high, towering fly balls. But that's baseball. One swing can turn a lot of things around."

A-Rod expresses what a huge fan he is of Lou Gehrig TO ESPN. "Everything he's done, going back to his college days in New York."