Pepper actress Naomi Grossman has opened up about playing such an ugly character on "American Horror Story: Freak Show."

Season 4 of "American Horror Story" is scaring many with its Twisty the Clown killer, but Grossman said that the show does not scare her.

"I must have a high threshold because I don't find it that scary," she told Salon. "Maybe because I see through the smoke and mirrors? Because I know there's a guy pulling a cable an inch off what you're seeing on screen? One of our freaks brought her 8-year-old to the premiere, who couldn't handle Twisty, which is odd, since she knows him personally, but I guess when they add music and cut it all together, they drastically increase the scare-factor."

According to Grossman, becoming Pepper takes three hours in the make-up chair.

"Indeed, I've never been told I was so pretty until I played the ugliest person on TV," she said. "But now I have a twin! So now maybe he's ugliest? I kid of course."

Recently, Grossman decided to shave her head, something her agent and manager discouraged because they feared it would make her look like Pepper. Grossman, however, says she -- and men-- love her new look.

"So, lately I'm enjoying being a bada** baldy," she explained. "People take themselves too seriously, especially women about their hair. I've never had more male attention than since I came here and shaved my head. I don't know if that's [New Orleans], or my hair, or just my general swagger, but the fact is: MEN DON'T CARE."

Grossman also briefly discussed her co-star Kathy Bates, who plays the Bearded Lady this season.

"She's sensational. So down-to-earth. Wonderful to watch, and work with," Grossman said. "She is so humble. I just adore her."


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