Polling results for New Hampshire's 2nd Congressional District election may have the Democratic incumbent securing a narrow lead, but the Republican challenger has been making efforts to attract voters within her age group: millennials.

Republican candidate Marilinda Garcia, current New Hampshire state representative for Rockingham's 8th District, launched a new advertisement about millennial voters. According to a Harvard University Institute of Politics poll, fewer than one in four millennials under 30 years of age plan to "definitely" vote during this year's midterm elections. In Garcia's campaign ad titled "Try Something New: 'Millennials,'" she was quick to note the rate of the millennial voter turnout.

"My generation increasingly wants nothing to do with the political process. People used to consider it a privilege to vote but the political process has become so ugly that many avoid it," said Garcia, adding she's running for Congress because "young people need to believe in America again" and be involved in its governance.

The campaign ad does not reference Democratic incumbent Annie Kuster. Garcia's campaign manager Kenny Cunningham, however, issued a statement referencing Kuster and how the incumbent does not relate with the youth.

"Throughout this race, Rep. Ann Kuster has repeatedly denigrated life experiences that differ from her own -- especially those of younger generations," Cunningham said, noting Kuster's comment stating that if Garcia "had more life experience," then the Republican candidate would better understand certain issues.

"Marilinda Garcia believes it is time for a new generation of independent and responsible leadership in Washington," Cunningham added.

Latin Post contacted the Kuster campaign on the incumbent's approach toward millennials. According to campaign spokesperson Rosie Hilmer, Kuster has been "fighting for the Granite State's younger generation" on a daily basis.

"From fighting to make college more affordable, and cosponsoring legislation to lower student loan interest rates, to holding roundtables and forums to hear from young Granite Staters about what they'd like their representatives to focus on this election season, she's fighting for their best interests in Washington," Hilmer added.

"Marilinda Garcia, on the other hand, supports extreme, Tea Party policies that would hurt our Granite State students and other young Granite State voters," said Hilmer. "She actually wants to abolish the Department of Education, which would mean eliminating federal student loans and other programs students rely on to pay for college. Her policies would be devastating for our young Granite Staters and their families."

Garcia and Kuster participated in a debate on Tuesday night, sponsored by WMUR-TV. Kuster claimed Garcia has been "naive and inexperienced" on issues such as equal pay. Garcia also claimed Kuster has not accomplished anything while in Washington, D.C. and "absent in leadership" and absent in New Hampshire.

As Latin Post reported, New England College Polling Center's latest polling survey has Kuster with 49.2 percent to Garcia's 42 percent. Garcia narrowly leads among male voters with 47.3 percent compared to 45.7 percent for Kuster. The Democrat secured a majority of the female vote with 52.3 percent compared to 37.3 percent for Garcia.


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