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Mexicans Outraged After Attorney General Karam Stops Ayotzinapa Press Conference Because He's Tired

First Posted: Nov 08, 2014 11:28 AM EST
Enrique Pena Nieto

Photo : Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Jesus Murillo Karam, Mexico's attorney general, held a press conference on Friday to talk about the 43 Iguala students who disappeared in Mexico in September.

According to Murrillo, a local mayor told police to abduct the students before they were turned over and killed by a gang. The bodies were burned and Murrillo said that it couldn't be confirmed that it was them until DNA tests were run, which he said would be difficult to do.

"I have to identify, to do everything in my power, to identify, to know if these were the students," Murrillo said.

At the press conference, pictures of the burned remains and confessions from three people claiming to be gang members were released.

When Murrillo was asked why they should believe the confessions, he ended the press conference. He thanked people for showing up, and though he tried to whisper "Ya me canse," (or "I'm already tired"), the comment was picked up by the microphone on the lectern, revealing his innermost thoughts to everyone. 

Outraged, people took to Twitter to slam him and the Mexican government using the hashtag #YaMeCanse.

"#YaMeCanse Mexico is not scared of Ebola, we are scared of local authority and government," Twitter user Christian Lopez said.

Another user, David Doranted, directed his commented directly at Mexico's president, Enrique Peña Nieto.

"#YaMeCanse @EPM of the poverty, hopelessness, violence, impunity and barbarism in #Mexico," he said.

Twitter users also told Murrillo that if he "was already tired" then he should quit.

The topic began trending on Friday night, and it continues to trend on Saturday morning.

Acción Global por Ayotzinapa, or global action for Ayotzinapa, is also trending, and many people have been using both hashtags simultaneously.

"We'll give you the plane but don't return @EPN #AccionGlobalporAyotzinapa #YaMeCanse of your ignorance," another tweet said.

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