During a recent interview with Business Insider, Hugh Hefner's youngest son Cooper opened up about his experiences growing up in the Playboy Mansion.

Despite the bevy of playmates and attractive women known to parade around the infamous Playboy Mansion, Cooper revealed that his memory of Hefner's home was that of "Indiana Jones-inspired adventures in the Grotto, a zoo full of exotic animals, and epic games of hide-and-seek played in the mansion's private forest of redwood trees," Business insider reports.

"[The Playboy mansion] really acted as a pretty traditional home even though it is not a traditional home for me and my brother especially when my parents were still together," Cooper told Business Insider.

Cooper went on to explain that his parents kept him and his brother "sheltered" throughout their childhood and required them to go upstairs while Hefner hosted his many elaborate and overtly sexualized mansion parties.

However, Cooper admits that Hefner and his mother's attempt to shelter the boys wasn't always successful.

Cooper recalled a few times he and his friends snuck downstairs to catch a glimpse of the action occurring at Hefner's mansion parties.

"Like any other 13, 14, 15-year-old, if you're upstairs and your parents are having a Christmas party, you're gonna sneak downstairs and try to figure out what's going on and why you're not invited to the party," Cooper justified his decision to sneak into the mansion parties.

Cooper also took Business Insider on a tour of Hefner's infamous property and named the mansion's Grotto pool/cave and game room as his two favorite places to hang out with friends.

In addition to serving as a home for Hefner's family and his playmates, Cooper also revealed that the Playboy mansion serves as the rescue home for many exotic animals.

"We also have a private zoo permit," Cooper revealed. "So we have everything from African cranes to flamingos to peacocks."