Bray Wyatt continued his obsession with Dean Ambrose this past week, with "The Eater of Worlds" playing his mind games against a man who is not exactly the most stable man on the WWE roster. Ambrose is infuriated to the point of madness with "The Man of a 1,000 Truths," especially after costing him his Hell in a Cell cage match against Seth Rollins a few weeks ago. Despite saying he is not impressed or scared of Wyatt's hocus pocus parlor tricks, Ambrose certainly appears to be frustrated not being able to get his hands on him. What new scheme does Wyatt have in mind for "The Lunatic Fringe" as he tries to unhinge Ambrose?

WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee has a problem on her hands in the form of the Bella Twins. While the champion realizes that Brie has to serve her sister's bidding against her will, once again AJ finds herself in a situation where "the numbers game" works against her. Nikki Bella, the number one contender for the Divas title, has set her sister up to go at the champion but how much longer will AJ tolerate Brie's involvement in her sister's machinations before she goes after both twins?

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Much to the chagrin of the WWE Universe, the "Hero of the Russian Federation," Rusev, is now the WWE United States Champion. The title held by legends such as Harley Race, "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes, Terry Funk, Magnum T.A., and Ricky Steamboat has now fallen into the hands of Rusev and Lana after submitting former champion Sheamus in The Accolade after Raw went off the air the last week, in a match that aired on the WWE Network. Many, from Jack Swagger to Mark Henry to the Big Show, have fallen to Rusev and Lana, so who will step up and take the WWE U.S. title from the European power couple?

John Cena continues his search for WWE superstars willing to join his team for his Survivor Series Elimination Tag Team match later this month. Some superstars have been scared away by The Authority's rough tactics but one man has been able to withstand their insults and assaults: WWE Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler, who has been very open about his support for Cena, outsmarted Corporate Kane in a Steel Cage match on Friday Night SmackDown, showing that The Authority is not invincible nor unbeatable. Will anyone else step up to the plate for Cena, besides Ziggler, or will the two superstars be on their own?

Cena will have his hands full this upcoming Monday on Raw after being scheduled in a bout against Ryback, who The Authority is heavily recruiting to be a part of their team at Survivor Series. Ryback has been on a roll since returning from injury, including a victory last Friday Night SmackDown against Cesaro that impressed The Authority. Will Ryback destroy Cena and join Triple H's team with control of the company on the line at Survivor Series?

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