Singer and actress Maite Perroni was reported to be engaged after images of her wearing a ring made the rounds on social media.

The actress spoke up and denied the rumors, according to "Despierta America."

"I haven't even seen them," she said. "I don't know what pictures you are even talking about. Many times, people say things about our lives that even we don't know."

In late October, Perroni was another celebrity death hoax victim. Maite Perroni Dies trended on Twitter for a few hours when the fake news was released.

Perroni didn't seem upset about the rumor. Instead, she brushed it off as another piece of gossip.

"They just end up being words that are published and aren't true," she said.

Perhaps the most damaging rumor the "La Gata" star has encountered recently is that her nude photos were leaked. In mid-October, Perroni's Twitter account was hacked. Her picture was changed for one that supposedly showed the actress naked.

Her manager said the pictures were not of Perroni.

"Maite Perroni's account was hacked," Carolina Palomo said. "Those photos are manipulated, and the person who appears in the images is not Maite. Unfortunately, people can be ill intentioned and affect celebrities a lot."

The actress also took to her Facebook to deny the pictures were of her.

Perroni, who works mostly in telenovelas, is aiming to further extend her reach into the United States.

Coleccion Maite Perroni will be an affordable clothing line that will debut in the United States. According to, the clothes the kind Perroni is drawn to. She uses her favorite designers as inspiration.

Perroni teamed up with National Stores, so that her clothes will be available through the United States. The collection will debut on Dec. 14.