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Jenni Rivera Death Update 2014: Lupillo Rivera Explains Why He Didn't Follow Chiquis' Request to Search for Her Mom After Plane Crash

First Posted: Nov 17, 2014 04:01 PM EST
Lupillo Rivera

Photo : Instagram/Lupillo Rivera

On "Sabado Gigante," Chiquis Rivera revealed that her uncle Lupillo Rivera hurt her by not going to look for her mother, Jenni Rivera.

Chiquis said she asked her uncles to look for her mother after it was reported that she had been in a plane crash. She later found out that Lupillo was in the studio recording. Recounting the story to "Sabado Gigante" host Don Francisco was the first time Chiquis explained why she and her uncle have had problems. 

Now, Lupillo is speaking out and defending himself for not having made the climb to look for Jenni, La Opinion reports.

"I know who I am, and I did what I did, just as my father and authorities told me," he said. "I had recently had a knee surgery, and I couldn't even climb that hill. My own brothers told me not to climb. ... But it's good that she keeps promoting me by continuing to talk about me."

According to Chiquis, she and her uncle are not speaking. Still, she has described their relationship as OK and even said that if he ever needed anything, she would be there for him. The two continue to use the media to talk to about each other.  

Chiquis is not the only family member with whom Lupillo has had issues. Lupillo also doesn't talk to his brothers Juan or Gustavo, who he feels have antagonized him on social media.

"Through social media, they like to post pictures of my ex-wife Maria, something that makes my actual wife, Mayeli, very uncomfortable," he said.

Lupillo was also rumored to have been distant from his mother, but the singer said that he speaks to his mother on a weekly basis.

Earlier in the year, Lupillo talked about his feelings connected to his late sister.

"On three occasions I dreamt that she gave me her hand, and we both walked up to a stage," he said. "There she let my hand go and fell to the background. When I turned around, she was no longer there. I don't know if God revealed these dreams so that I could have tranquility, but I did find peace."

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