Skylark, New York City's premier cocktail lounge, was home to T-Mobile's 2014 Holiday Look Book premiere event.

"'Tis the season for the hippest holiday gift," T-Mobile proclaimed at the trendy event that displayed hot holiday devices, offered advice about gift-giving and shared details about the company's network, data plan, service and unique features.

Also, participating T-Mobile stores across the nation will offer existing T-Mobile customers the Un-carrier's most popular 7-inch Android-powered tablet, the Alcatel ONETOUCH Pop 7, for free with any qualifying data plan.

Throughout 2014, T-Mobile introduced Contract Freedom, T-Mobile Test Drive, Music Freedom and finally Wi-Fi Un-leased, helping to draw 2.3 million new customers in their third quarter alone. This holiday season, T-Mobile continues this trend by flaunting $0 down, 24-month payment plans and 200 MB of free data each month as long as users stay with T-Mobile, no service contract required. T-Mobile has also introduced cool devices, such as the T-Mobile Personal Cellspot --which is like having a personal, home-based T-Mobile tower.

"One of the things we want to talk about at this event is that T-Mobile is not just phones. Its phones, its tablets ... it's all the hot holiday accessories that you need this year. And the thing that we're really trying to talk about is, Why T-Mobile versus any other carrier? You can get an iPhone anywhere, but an iPhone with Wi-Fi Calling? ... And if you travel a lot, that's a huge benefit cost savings to you," Katie Recken, consumer PR for T-Mobile, said to Latin Post.

IOS and Android devices and beyond, T-Mobile showcased a bevy of cool tech at the unveiling event, including the beautifully slim Sony Xperia Z3, the wearable Samsung Gear S Watch, the boisterous UE Boom, the advanced iPad Mini 3, the curved Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, the stylish Samsung Gear Fit, the durable Samsung Galaxy S5 -Gold, the light weight Random Order Portable Charger and the clear-cut Logitech X100 Wireless Speaker.

"If you're into music and you want the latest, greatest Samsung device that plays music, it's best to get it from T-Mobile because we offer Music Freedom, and we don't charge you for any of the music that you stream. It's not just about the hot products, those products all need data and service," Recken said.

With no restrictive contracts, paid termination fees, the JUMP! program, unlimited worldwide data and texting, trade-in offers, 4G LTE network, Music Freedom, 'UnRadio', free Gogo in-flight texting and a try-before-you-buy policy, T-Mobile devices, services and accessories can be true contenders for the holiday season.