For the last six years boxing fans have been waiting anxiously for a mega Welterweight title fight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao.

Unfortunately, that match hasn't happened for a number of reasons.

Some people believe Pacquiao is desperate for a fight and doesn't deserve a match with Mayweather. Others think Mayweather is just "ducking" and avoiding Pacquiao because he could possibly lose his first career fight.

Pacquiao's trainer, Freddie Roach, was recently interviewed and voiced his opinion.

“I think he’s a little worried about style match-up and Manny’s southpaw stance. I think that worries him a little bit. But I won’t say that he’s scared, because fighters aren’t scared, we don’t work that way," said Roach.

In Pacquiao's last fight (Nov. 23) he defeated Chris Algieri in a very impressive bout. The 35-year-old Filipino won via unanimous decision for his third consecutive fight, and knocked down Algieri six times in the process. Algieri was a perfect 20-0 in his career before losing to Pacquiao.

Roach and many others believe that Pacquiao's dominating performance over Algieri may have been a bad thing for a possible fight with Mayweather. Pacquiao showed great endurance, speed and power, possibly scaring away Mayweather for a potential match in 2015. Time and time again, we've seen Pacquiao call out Mayweather, only to see Mayweather respond on social media with a sarcastic response instead of accepting his fight request.

Roach would also go on to say, “We had a great training camp for the Chris Algieri fight, his activity level was much higher, and his legs and movement was great. He was on his toes the entire fight, bouncing around and moving in and out of range like the old Manny Pacquiao. The Pacman is definitely back.”

Facing a left-handed boxer who is two years younger, has 10 more professional wins and appears to be in better shape could spell trouble for Mayweather.

Although Mayweather would make a lot more money if he chooses to accept Pacquiao's challenge, he also knows it would be much more difficult. Facing Marcos Maidana (for a third time) or Amir Khan would be an easy payday for "Money" Mayweather.

Roach believes that Mayweather needs to be "called out" by the media and boxing fans everywhere. Putting pressure on Mayweather could be a good tactic by Roach and boxing promoter Bob Arum to finally have this clash take place.

With Pacquiao turning 36 years old this month, and Mayweather turning 38 in February, time is ticking.

According to multiple reports, boxing promoter Akbar Muhammad is trying to get Mayweather and Pacquiao in the ring in the Middle East. The United Arab Emirates has offered Mayweather a guaranteed $110 million to fight Pacquiao in Dubai in May of 2015. It may look promising, but Mayweather has fought his last 12 bouts in Las Vegas, Nevada. Mayweather has never fought outside of the United States, whereas Pacquiao has fought in numerous countries around the world.

Both Mayweather and Pacquiao have an empty calendar for 2015, and boxing fans everywhere want to see them collide against one another. A fight between the two would create the highest ratings and money intake for either fighter.

But will it happen? Only time, and perhaps 2015, will tell.

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