Wireless carrier & communications network T-Mobile is set to host an event in New York City's Bryant Park to announce "Uncarrier 3.0," on Wednesday, October 9, and showstopper Shakira will perform at the special event.

John Legere, T-Mobile's CEO, pushed for the "Uncarrier" strategy, which eliminates contracts and initiated a "pay-as-you-go" model. Customers pay lower monthly rates but also pay for their own cell phones. "JUMP!" (Just Upgrade My Phone), an early upgrade program was then introduced, which allows customers an opportunity to switch out their phones up to twice a year for just an additional $10 monthly.

The ticketed "Uncarrier 3.0" event was extended to select customers in the northeast region. Shakira, the celebrity spokesperson and Colombian pop star, will headline the event, though there is said to be an unnamed "surprise opening act" to perform alongside the starlet. The event will announce T-Mobile's next tactical phase, and the wireless company is presently keeping its lips tightly sealed about what exactly that entails.

The company's latest initiatives have proven successful, earning over 1.1 million new subscribers in Q2, showing the strongest growth in four years. They've turned around last year's losses four times over, and they've found that revenue is also up 27.5 percent year-over-year -- partly because of T-Mobile's acquisition of rival carrier Metro PCS.

Founded in 1990, the public telecommunications company is the fourth largest wireless carrier in the States (though the three larger carriers have been echoing T-Mobile's recent moves), with a revenue of $21.35 billion in 2010. T-Mobile's parent company is Deutsche Telekom, a German telecommunications company.