The holidays and Christmas are a time for gift giving and sharing special moments with loved ones. This year the annual "Doctor Who" Christmas special falls on Dec. 25, giving fans another reason to celebrate.

Peter Capaldi is the titular Time Lord, and his faithful companion Clara Oswald, played by Jenna Coleman, might see her last adventure.

There is one high profile guest star appearing in the "Doctor Who" Christmas special: Nick Frost, the comedic partner of Simon Pegg, who is appearing as Santa Claus.

The Christmas special appears to be bringing fun, drama, a little bit of horror, and maybe a huge shock. "Last Christmas" might be the final time Coleman embodies Clara, who has still not clarified whether or not she will stay on. But fans will be treated to a "Misfits" star and a real-life "Doctor Who" descendant.

The BBC has released three official trailers for the Christmas special.

In one trailer, it shows the Doctor, Clara and Santa Claus readying themselves for action. The Doctor and Clara will be battling a creepy and ferocious alien at the North Pole, CNET reported. So the Doctor calls in Santa Claus for help. The trailer also shows Clara erasing a blackboard that reveals the words "You. Are. Dying."

The "You. Are. Dying" phrase might be an allusion to the end of the Clara character.

In a preview trailer that has a Christmas jingle, with Clara meeting Santa Claus for the first time, the TARDIS appears with the Doctor coming out and cryptically saying to Clara, "I'm back. Now, get inside the Tardis." Then he says to Santa Claus "I know what this is. I know what's happening. I know what's at stake," Screen Rant reported.

Frost and Pegg, the British comedic pair, have appeared together in films such as "Hot Fuzz," "Shaun of the Dead," "The Adventures of Tintin" and "The World's End." Pegg has guested on "Doctor Who" when the series first returned in 2005 in "The Long Game." This is Frost's first time on the hit show.

As for the second guest, it is Nathan McMullen from the British hit TV series "Misfits." In the trailer, McMullen appears to be playing one of Santa's elves. And the "Doctor Who" descendant is none other than Michael Troughton; he is the son of Patrick Troughton who played the second Time Lord, from 1966 to 1969.

BBC is especially excited about the Christmas special and tweeted a picture in September about the trio guest starring. The caption reads, "@bbcdoctorwho #DoctorWho Christmas Special guest stars #HoHoHo," according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Will Coleman's the "impossible girl" survive the "Last Christmas" episode? If she does, her character could be the longest lasting modern companion since Karen Gillan's Amy Pond. It has been reported that if Coleman does stay on–until the mid-season of Series 9–it would put her in third place at 30 episodes. Gillan has appeared in 33 episodes, and Billie Piper's Rose Tyler comes in at second place with 27 episodes.

Watch the three trailers below.