A 25-year-old Chilean woman is among one of the seven suspected members of the ISIS terror network who were arrested in Spain and Morocco.

Fox News Latino reported that the woman was arrested in Barcelona along with a minor.  According to La Tercera newspaper, the Chilean woman's name is Francis Pena Orellana.

Other suspects were arrested in Ceuta and Melilla, two Spanish cities in Africa. 

The seven people arrested, four women and two men, were suspected to be part of the process of recruiting women. The ISIS network is said to have been recruiting women to fight, referring to the group as Daesh and the Islamic State. In the past year, authorities have seen a sharp increase in the recruitment of women from Europe for the Islamic extremist group, according to the International Business Times.

The Associated Press reported that at least 100 women have been recruited from France in the past year already. The women are to be used as suicide bombers or brides of jihadi fighters.

Witnesses in the area say that many women are used for working in ISIS headquarters as cooks, cleaners and in child care.

European officials say that the terror recruiting network targets young women who are in search of their personal identities. Once recruited, they are indoctrinated with jihadi thought.

Many networks have been located in Morocco and Spain in past years while both Spanish and Moroccan authorities have made dozens of arrests on suspected jihadi fighters.

The recruiters were in contact with Moroccan fighters working with the Islamic State and are feared to be planning attacks in the kingdom, according to the Daily Mail.

This past summer, the African nation sounded an alarm for terrorist attack warnings and increased security measures in public places. 

Over 1,200 Moroccans are fighting in Syria and over 100 were arrested when they returned home.