Christina Milian and Mark Ballas were eliminated from Dancing with the Stars this week after receiving severe criticism from guest judge Julianne Hough from the week before, and the night's top scores. The 32-year-old Afro-Cuban songstress expressed that she was saddened and shocked by the results that pulled her and her partner from the competition.

"After our performance tonight [and] getting those scores, I thought, hey, even if we are in the bottom, our score can help us stay in the game. But I guess based on votes from last week, you know, [we] just didn't make the cut ... Even the audience was like, 'huh?' It was quite a reaction ... I wasn't expecting [to be eliminated], but it's okay."

The pair earned top scores during the fifth week, receiving the first perfect 10 of the season from Len Goodman, after performing their Cha Cha Cha... so it was a shock to all who watched when she was eliminated.  Hough, who some blame for Milian's elimination, stated that she felt that  Milian and Ballas were dancing side-by-side rather than together during last week's performance. And, she indicated that Ballas had a tendency to overshadow Milian with his dancing. Last week's scores, in addition to fan input, was the deciding factor of who was to be eliminated.

The elimination caused boos in the ballroom, and everyone, including pro dancers who called Milian "amazing," seemed puzzled. After Hough's comments last week, Ballas called Hough hypocritical and said that he was furious. Milian, herself, refrained from explicitly blaming Hough for yesterday's outcome . 

"[Julianne] has a presence and followers and she's very likable, so I mean, not to say . . . I guess we could have probably worked on our dance a little bit more," Milian said. "I don't want to take anything away . . . But honestly who knows. I don't want to blame it on that."

Despite being shaken up, she was extremely positive about her departure and fondly reflected on her DWTS time.

"I've made some great memories, some great friends here ... I've learned a lot about myself just being here... I'm really happy I did this," she noted. "I loved it. I had a great time. I'm going to miss the challenge every week of learning something new and kind of feeling like, what am I doing, and all of a sudden, overcoming it. It's like every week you overcome these fears, and it's amazing."