LAS VEGAS -- Over the past few months there has been a significant spike in beautiful aerial videos of your local city, sporting event, music festival, and a number of other things that just look so darn cool when viewed from a few hundred feet up. These are all thanks to drones carrying compact HD cameras like Go Pros or Sony's action cam. Here at CES 2015 it seems every other booth is a drone.

Drones have had their share of negative as well as positive press. On one hand the ability to capture footage from vantage points unreachable by man provide amazing opportunities for nature shots, security, entertainment, and exploration. They also however open the door to surveillance, privacy issues, and safety concerns.

A drone would allow a user to fly a camera up to a bird's nest; it would also give the option of flying it up to a bedroom window. This idea was hilariously parodied on the Comedy Central hit show South Park, where a future of drone owning consumers triggered a drone police force to keep the citizens of South Park from doing unsavory things with their drones.

Here at CES a number of companies are showing of the latest and greatest in drone technology, from the largest to the smallest. Buzz really began to generate in December of 2013 when Amazon announced its pilot program "Amazon Prime Air," a new shipping method where a drone brings you your package the same day you ordered it.

Currently the FAA has no specific regulations garnering drones or their use and safety, though they are in talks with CEA, the organization behind CES, to develop guidelines.

One displaying company here, Ghost, started as an Indie-Gogo fund that went on to reach 720% of their funding goal. The drone retails for $600 and is capable of holding a GoPro for amazing aerial videos of your hiking trek, wedding, or any number of applications.