More than a month after Apple released the new iOS 7 operating system, developers are still working hard in their pursuit to solve the next iPhone jailbreak.

Although there has been no word as to when a release date is expected, many have hoped that the jailbreak would be available by now. Ever since iOS 6 was released, Apple has cracked down on the jailbreakers who have enjoyed exclusive privileges not provided by the original App Store as well as other special features.

Despite a few tweets from the jailbreak developers, which basically told everyone to sit tight while they work towards a new jailbreak, people have mostly been left in the dark wondering if, and when, they would ever see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Still, the developers have asked people to remain patient and some have started to push back their expectations for the release date to February 2014 or at least some time in 2014. But with more than two months still remaining in 2013, people hope that the Evad3rs will at least provide a realistic update so that the world is not left wondering.

Once the jailbreak is released, it could be even more difficult for the iPhone 6 to be jailbroken in 2014. With Apple increasing security with every iPhone release and operating system update, the road will only become more difficult moving forward. Furthermore, there could be a divide between access to a jailbreak on a new operating system as opposed to a new phone, especially with all of the differences with each new release.