If your team needs a wide receiver, you're in luck.

Notable wide receivers such as Randall Cobb, Jeremy Maclin and Torrey Smith are scheduled to hit the free agent market. But even those high profile players can't compare to the top two wide receivers who are up for grabs.

Demaryius Thomas and Dez Bryant are by far the two best wide receivers who are set to become free agents. Both receivers are tall, fast and still in the prime of their careers. But, who is the superior receiver?

Why Dez Bryant is Better

Dez Bryant is a beast.

Nobody (except Calvin "Megatron" Johnson) can make the types of catches that Bryant can. Bryant is an all-around-reliable receiver who can beat defenses deep, mid-field, in the slot area and get huge yards after the catch. Nobody finds the end-zone as high a rate as Bryant does.

Bryant led the NFL in touchdown receptions last season with 16. Over the last three seasons Bryant has 273 receptions, 3,935 yards and 41 touchdowns. The biggest argument Bryant can have over Thomas is the fact he has always thrived on the field in the NFL. We didn't see very much out of Thomas in his first two seasons in the league when Tim Tebow and Kyle Orton was his quarterback. It's amazing what a difference Peyton Manning has made for Thomas.

Bryant is more dynamic than Thomas is without question. Bryant can turn nothing into something with his physical running style. Thomas not only benefits from having one of the best quarterbacks of all-time throwing to him, but he has one of the best tight ends in the league (Julius Thomas) by his side. Bryant will most likely cost more and for good reason.

Why Demaryius Thomas is Better

Bryant may be more dynamic, but Thomas is more of the robotic receiver. He plays virtually mistake free football. Is Thomas a very exciting receiver to watch? Not really, but the numbers speak for themselves. Over the last three seasons Thomas has 297 receptions, 4,483 yards and 35 touchdowns.

That's 24 more catches and 548 more yards than Bryant in the last three seasons. Sure he's had Manning throwing him the football, but let's not act like Tony Romo is a slouch. Bryant has had Romo throwing him the football his entire career, whereas Thomas has played with multiple quarterbacks. We still don't know how effective Bryant will be without Romo.

An additional reason Thomas is better than Bryant is because of his playoff portfolio. Thomas has four career playoff games in which he has eclipsed the 90-yard mark including the Super Bowl against the Seattle Seahawks. He even had 204 receiving yards against the No. 1-ranked Pittsburgh Steelers defense in a playoff game. Bryant has a grand total of six catches, 86 yards and zero touchdowns in his two postseason games. Thomas has six touchdowns in his seven playoff games.

The NFL free agent and trading period begins on March 10 at 4 p.m. EST.

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