Apple recently released the iOS 7.0.4 update, and with each update comes potential changes that could disrupt the progress jailbreak developers have made. So far, however, it seems that the latest update poses no threat to potential jailbreakers.

Evad3rs member MuscleNerd tweeted on Thursday with an update for those who are holding out for the next jailbreak release.

 "Those at 7.x waiting for JB, maybe treat 7.0.4 as exercise in restraint," he said. "Won't affect JB if you slip up, but test your ability to avoid it!"

He then went on to say that some others should stay away from the 7.0.4 if they have the older jailbreak.

"But for those enjoying the 6.x JB, avoid 7.0.4. There's no going back (always worth saying that for sake of JB newbies)"

iOS users have been waiting throughout the Fall season for a potential jailbreak after Apple released a new operating system as well as a new pair of phones, marking the first time the tech giant rolled out two iPhones at the same time.

Apple also just recently came out with the iPad Mini with Retina Display, which was seen by many as long overdue considering Apple's competition. Other tablets have recently been released that feature better screens than Apple's tablets.

The jailbreak developers will have several more months to release the jailbreak before the next iPhone release, but the next phone is rumored to be significantly different. Apple is apparently working on a much larger iPhone that is said to be at least 4.7 inches.