iOS 7 users are waiting for the elusive jailbreak release date but it appears that we might be waiting until 2014.

The first beta of iOS 7.1 was released this week and Evad3rs developer MuscleNerd went to Twitter to provide an update for anyone who is considering the jailbreak update that so many people have waited for.

"iOS betas often come out in rapid fire..its far safer for those awaiting iOS7 JB to avoid today's 7.1b1 (they're usually buggy anyway)" he wrote.

Gotta Be Mobile writer Craig Lloyd said on Monday that people can expect a jailbreak to fall sometime in the tail end of January or in the beginning of February, which would be around the same time as the NFL's Super Bowl.

The developers have urged the general public to be patient as they try to work around Apple in an attempt to solve the jailbreak. There is still no word about a release date from the developers themselves but they have also remained particularly quiet because they are not sure if anything in a future update will end up disrupting their progress. Furthermore, a release date apparently could come even sooner than expected if Apple decides to release another update but the company is also known for being quite predictable with its release dates.

The Evad3rs have worked to solve the jailbreak since the iOS 7 update was released in September. The release was around the same time that Apple rolled out the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c.