Will you watch a possible Space Jam sequel if it will star NBA superstar, Lebron James?

Fake rumors are spreading online claiming that King James will star in the animated basketball movie sequel, Space Jam 2, GossipCop.com reported. A concept poster appeared on Monday which showed the Miami Heat player posing right alongside popular cartoon character Bugs Bunny. This pushed the phrase "Space Jam 2" to be trending topic on Twitter.

The hoax may possibly have been conceptualized by passionate fans of Lebron as many are thinking that he is the only NBA star deserving to replace  Michael Jordan. Some may have also thought that it would be fun if replaced the legend in a potential sequel to the movie.

Hollywood Life added that the fake poster and concept may have also been triggered by an answer Lebron gave during one of his past interviews. When asked what he thought about Space Jam, the NBA star replied, "I love that movie. Wish I could do Space Jam 2!"

MJ and Lebron have always been compared due to their similarly successful careers as NBA players. Jordan, himself, said during an ESPN interview last October that new players like Kobe and Lebron deserve all the attention they are getting right now. When asked about the ongoing rivalry between him and Lebron that have been started by fans, the basketball legend just said that he finds it highly interesting. "We can never know, across generations. You imagine it," he explained.

Huffington Post also recently wrote about the classic movie getting a parody documentary done with the help of retired NBA players, analysts, coaches and a lot more.

Two decades may have passed since the time the Space Jam movie became a hit, so it can't be helped for most of basketball fans to get their much deserved sequel. But for now, it's just one of those many hoaxes that spread easily online.