During a recent interview with Net-a-Porter's The Edit, actress Salma Hayek revealed that her curvy figure negatively affected her ability to land many roles in Hollywood.

"If you think about it, I'm limited by the way I talk and by the way I look," she told The Edit. "I'm 48 years old. Amazing, talented people [stop finding work] at 32, 33 sometimes! Not so much in London, but in the U.S. it's crazy. Also, for those who have never seen me in person, I'm quite short. I have an overly ... wavy body. I'm not like the girl next door who is easy to cast. I don't fit into any of the stereotypes of a woman that should continue to work."

But despite her difficulties in Hollywood, Hayek insists that she loves her frame and feels great at 48. Hayek also revealed that for the the first time in her life, she is using yoga as a form of exercise to maintain her bodacious physique.

"I never exercised my whole life, but now I do yoga," Hayek admitted. "I was always borderline chubby, because I like my food and, frankly, I like my wine. ... I'm in good shape right now."

And while she is content with her appearance, Hayek suggested that she is not as accepting of the lack of female power in the workplace and at home.

"We have to be more demanding in the workplace," she says of women. "We need to be more assertive in that department, and stand our ground in our own homes, and teach our children to give us a break and be more appreciative."

But despite encouraging women to stick up for themselves, Hayek does not consider herself to be a feminist.

The Huffington Post reports that prior to accepting the Women's Equality Award last year, she insisted that she is not a feminist and considers herself to be an activist for equality between both sexes. While not everyone believes that feminism is about equality for both sexes, many have argued that it is what feminism is about. 

"I am not a feminist," Hayek said. "If men were going through the things women are going through today, I would be fighting for them with just as much passion. I believe in equality."