On January 1, Chris Guerra was struck and killed by a vehicle as he crossed the street after attempting to photograph Justin Bieber's Ferrari. TMZ reports that Guerra was actually struck twice; the second vehicle has been described as an SUV possibly being driven by someone from Bieber's entourage.

Chris Guerra, a photographer, has been the victim of a horrible crime, all for the price of a photograph. "Bieber was NOT in the Ferrari", his friend and tail, Lil Twist was actually behind the wheel when a CHP officer, for speeding on the 405, stopped him. As the officer spoke to Twist, Guerra stood on the side of the road taking pictures, he was told to get out of the area by the officer. As he crossed the road, a car hit him and as he laid on the ground he was struck by a second vehicle. The second vehicle is wanted for a felony hit-and-run, since the driver didn't care to stop.

Authorities has told TMZ that based on the surveillance they have acquired and forensic evidence, they have a description of the vehicle. The car that struck Guerra the second time was a "black, high-profile SUV that was either a Range Rover or a Hummer". Guerra's mom believes that the "SUV could have been someone from Bieber's camp either trailing the Ferrari or coming to assist Twist".  Police responded that the investigation is ongoing therefore; they will not "embrace or discount the mom's theory". Chris Guerra's mom has also asked to see the footage of her son being hit by the cars but has been denied the petition because the surveillance is police evidence.

Chris Guerra died over a photograph of a celebrity's car. His mother's pain and concern is understood and we hope authorities find closure to this crime. Hoping that the people responsible for Guerra's death come forward, being part of Bieber's entourage or not. We wish all parties involved the best of luck and most of all that justice is served.

TMZ has contacted Justin Bieber's camp for comment but have not heard back.