Scrubbs Cleaning Inc., established in March 2013, was built from the ground up using hard work -pun intended. Often on hands and knees, scrubbing and grinding against grime, or perched high, wiping and dusting against grit, Devin Escobar, his cousin Evelyn Marcia, and her boyfriend, Oscar Azucar do this "domestic" work with purpose, pride and intention.

The Salvadoran-American New York natives were competing in the competitive job market; two or three of them working outside of their respective fields, and not gaining a sense of self-worth from the position that they held. Escobar studied sociology and Latin American studies; Azucar studied culinary art; and Marcia studied business administration.

During casual conversation, Marcia suggested that the three of them start their own business. The playful tone eventually became serious, and the trio considered how advantageous it would be to capitalize on Marcia's business know-how, and the group's inclination toward hard work. After some deliberation, the three eventually settled on developing a cleaning business.

"Starting our own business created jobs for us as well as freedom to move forward without limitations that working for others often has," said Escobar, who also discussed the importance of Latino-owned businesses. "I personally think that it is very important that Latinos to own and operate their own businesses. Starting it off can be a lot of work, but after it is set up and everything is in order, you have the freedom to be as creative as you'd like with the autonomy to be your own boss.  A venture of starting your own business can also create jobs for others, which can be beneficial as the work market is so limited and competitive."

Scrubbs Cleaning is still in it's primary stages, but it has matured. The attractive company has grown, taking its employees to interesting places, and they often get a chance to meet interesting people.

"This job is very different than a 9-5 desk job.  We travel throughout Nassau and Queens County every day so the work environment is always different from the previous day or even the previous job.  We even get paid to be at parties, around good energy and people having fun. It's a given that we are present to set up, serve food and clean up after the party ends. We can say that there is rarely a dull moment." 

The family-owned and operated cleaning company offers services to commercial and residential spaces, also providing event help. There mission is to grant customers a cleaning experience that not only unveils a clean space, but also one that has been sanitized using eco-friendly and chemical-free products. Totally green, their food-grade products don't contain dyes, colorants, chemical preservatives, synthetic fragrances, sulfates or animal testing. The Scrubbs team truly cares about clean spaces, but they also insist that those spaces can be accessible to children, pets, and those who might be sensitive to chemicals.

Grounded in positive business practices and consistent vision of success, Escobar was inspired by his hard working mother, his family members, immigrants, and domestic workers. He spends his non-cleaning time working with the elderly and disabled, imagining his future natural body products line, and looking to acquire his Masters in Social Work. His aptitude for learning, giving, and working is benefited from the fact that he is able to set his own hours and schedule.

Nonetheless, Escobar, himself, did mention potential risks related to starting one's own company. He disclosed that while there's autonomy, no one to restrict creativity, the ability to make one's own hours, and the freedom to make one's own schedules, there is the looming fear of potential failure, related to having a small client base and other struggles.

"The struggle is that we have to build our own client base, and it can be a challenge to build from nothing because all of the work falls on your shoulders. And, we face the fear of possible failure," said Escobar, who thoroughly researched the topic of small business success. "After all, according to the Small Business Administration, about two-thirds, or 66 percent, last past the first two years, meaning that a third of businesses fail within these two years. Extended to four years, the number of surviving businesses decreases to only 44 percent, meaning that about 56 percent of businesses fail at the five-year mark, a far cry from the 90 to 95 percent previously claimed."  

Escobar advised that when taking the steps to launch a business, make sure that you have a product and service that's in demand to ensure success. Also, to be financially, emotionally and ethically ready to begin a business.

"Have a strong support network that is encouraging and reliable.  Be financially ready or partner with someone who can financially assist and communicate very efficiently. Hold yourself and your partners accountable and exercise transparency. Select a product or service which will be in demand.  Make sure to be fair, ethical and responsible; especially if you have a team or staff. They will work better if they are content and like their job."

The 28-year-old also explained that one needs to be prepared for naysayers; but instead of letting potential negativity resonate, change the person's mind.

"At first my mother was hesitant to see me clean for a living because I am college educated, and she felt I could be doing something in the line of work for which I studied; but then she realized that there is room for reward, financial stability and growth. At the end of it all if I'm happy, so is she.."

Scrubbs Cleaning provides effective, affordable and thorough cleaning services, and they're always open to gaining more clients. If your home or office is in need of a good scrubbing, feel free to check them out on Facebook or Twitter or give them a call: (855) 972-7822.