South American, central western-located nation Bolivia will host the first-ever international conference on community radio and free software in Cochabamba this year, from June 11-13.

Colombia, Argentina, Ecuador, Mexico, Uruguay, Venezuela and Bolivia will be represented at the conference, where community radio stations from the many Spanish-speaking nations will participate in forums that address advances in Latin America, in terms of free software, migration plans and telecommunication legislation. As well as, workshops and discussions on free software tools (Creative Commons, Ardour, Audacity, Shamatari and many others).

Radios Libres (Free Radio Stations), Corresponsales del Pueblo (The People's Correspondents) and numerous other websites have promoted information about the conference, so that communities will be made aware of the organizations that will be present to support initiatives, The Comisión Nacional de Telecomunicaciones de Venezuela and Conatel (National Commission of Telecommunications of Venezuela) will appear as one the conference's supportive contributors.

Social media outlets have been employed as tools to help spread news about community radio stations, free applications ideal for community media and the advances in digital, audiovisual and print media.

The International Community Radio Meeting will likely expand knowledge, share challenges and highlight important methods of communication for Spanish-speaking nations.

Bolivia's community radio stations tend to be funded by trade union dues, and often radio stations function on just a local and regional level. The stations, which offer live transmissions on sporting and cultural events, have a historical connection to the nation's miners' union. For decades, the community radio was a platform for minors to communicate powerful ideas and influence.

Sign up for the international community radio and free software conference began on April 1; for more information, visit the event's official page at