Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus spent their teen years together in the studios of The Disney Channel. We are familiar with Demi's hardcore partying and addictions but Joe Jonas recently revealed who was partying right along with Demi. After confessing to "smoking pot" with Demi and Miley for the first time during their Disney years, we learned that Miley's rebellious attitude started long ago. Now sober, Demi Lovato, is worried about her former partner in crime but says she cannot say anything. 

Maybe Demi Lovato would feel a bit hypocritical to preach to someone whom she probably shared her drugs and alcohol with during past times. Lovato says about Miley: "She is doing her thing and having fun. I'm in no place to say to her: 'I'm worried about you.' I'm focused on my own journey". The "Made in the U.S.A." singer has been doing a lot of admitting lately and says she is still working on remaining sober. Demi lost her father in June and she acknowledges that it was a struggle to deal with her addictions during that time. "I've definitely struggled a lot with drug and alcohol addictions - even more than I have with my eating disorder. But I decided to stay strong when my father died. I worked so hard on my sobriety - I wasn't going to give it up". The X-Factor judge says that today she is pretty "f***ing good!" saying she is "enjoying the holidays and loving [her] work".

Demi Lovato does work as an advocate to help others struggling with eating disorders, self-harm and drugs and alcohol.  But she offers her voice and survival techniques to those who want it, which, at this point, Miley does not. Singing "We can't Stop and We Won't Stop," Cyrus is wrapped up on her bad girl image. She doesn't seem to be at any alarming level of destruction but no one really knows. Miley has admitted to and publically smoked weed in front of an entire audience, so what she does is no secret. Yet it makes a lot of sense for Demi not to throw her guidance on Miley. Cyrus is now 21 years old and capable of making her own decisions; she knows what Demi has overcome and this alone should serve as a lesson to her.