Sony and Nokia are about to encounter the biggest threat to their smartphone line-up. That is, as far as cameras are concerned.

South Korean tech giant, Samsung is rumored to launch another first in the smartphone industry. The company is reportedly working on Galaxy Note 4's killer 16MP ISOCELL camera.

Quoting Highlight Press, the International Business Times reports that the reveal was done by no other than Samsung's very own. A supposed Samsung executive, who was set to attend the Seoul conference, confirmed the handset's release - mentioning the 16MP ISOCELL camera along the way.

The integration of ISOCELL technology into handsets and smartphones is a first in the industry. ISOCELL technology deals with individual pixel isolation. Such technology allows for never-before seen quality in terms of photos taken by smartphones and handsets.

Sony and Nokia have also impressed tech junkies and photographers alike with Xperia Z1 and Lumia. Sony's Xperia Z1 has a 20.7 MP camera which ranks second to Nokia. Nokia boasts of its 41 MP camera-bearing Windows phone complete with Optical Image Stabilization.

Samsung is reportedly set to release Galaxy Note 4 on September 2014. There are not a lot of rumored specs and features of the Galaxy Note 4 just yet. However, it has been rumored that the handset may sport a PLS LCD.

According to Tech Radar, Samsung is considering the much famed SUPER AMOLED screen replaced. The company has been known for its AMOLED displays used in its line-up.

However, a report from Korean website Etnews says that Samsung is looking to shed costs in producing their products. According to a report by Gforgames, replacing AMOLED displays with PLS LCD will save the company up to 20% in production costs.

Gforgames also notes that Samsung might be considering the move to exchange AMOLED for PLS LCD for a better S-pen experience.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will reportedly join Samsung Galaxy S5 and Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Lite both slated for release September 2014.