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Geometry Dash Cheats: Slow Down the Map to Get Through Tough Levels

First Posted: Apr 20, 2015 05:16 PM EDT
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In "Geometry Dash," players try to avoid various obstacles as they bounce and jump through the level. As players progress in the game, the maps get faster and it becomes more difficult to avoid those obstacles.

Using a slow down cheat will help players leap over the obstacles easier. The map will slow down and it will be much easier to avoid all the obstacles.

Players will have to download special programs in order to get cheats unlocked for their game. Geometry Dash APK 1.2.2 is one program that can be downloaded to help users get through the game with valuable cheats.

When going through each level, make sure not to miss any coins. Gathering all the coins in each level will reward players with bonuses, more shapes and colors, and other in-game bonuses.

Here is a video example of someone getting all of the coins in a level and gaining a bonus.

Try these six steps to unlock a special cheat:

  1. Tap "more games" icon.
  2. Create and play a level.
  3. Rate the difficulty of an online level.
  4. Like an online level.
  5. Do 100 attempts.
  6. Complete an online level.

Here is another video for more information on this cheat.

Geometry Dash Unclock All NO ROOT HACK June... by dm_51f37559ecf05

There is also an unlock all cheats hack tool available for download that help players get the access to all the cheats available for "Geometry Dash." Go to this link and watch the video. Carefully follow all of the instructions and players should be able to unlock all the cheats.

New Geometry Dash Hack Unclock All Cheats Tool... by nicesbilles
If gamers find themselves stuck in a particular area, practice mode is a great choice. Players will be able to memorize areas in practice mode and then go back into the regular mode in order to pass the level.

As players pass more levels, more bonuses and shapes are unlocked. The game gets faster as they move on though. If gamers need to slow the game down they can use the slowdown cheat.

What do you think of "Geometry Dash?" Have you been able to get far in the game?

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