Best meditation app

Relaxation at the Palm of Your Hands: Best Smartphone Meditation Apps You Can Download

Regular exercise, a balanced diet, and staying indoors might be one of the best ways to take care of yourself physically. But what about your emotional and mental well-being?
Smartphone Girl

Best Social Apps to Connect With Friends During a Lockdown

Want to get together with a friend but can't go out? Don't worry, we got you.

Social Media Sunday: Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook Messenger Apps Get Updates Integrating New Features, Upgrades

This week in social media, Facebook announced it was rolling out group voice chat to Messenger, while Snapchat upped its popular face swap feature by adding the iPhone's camera roll as an image source. Meanwhile, Twitter added Yelp integration, at least overseas, in an effort to make the platform more useful for users looking for information while they're out and about.
Pavel Durov

The Rise of Pavel Durov, Russia's 'Mark Zuckerberg,' Founder of Telegram Messaging App and VKontakte Social Media Platform

While there can never be an industry disruptor quite like Mark Zuckerberg, Russia has found its own version of the technology icon, and his name is Pavel Durov.
Facebook Messenger

WhatsApp to Stop Charging Subscription Fees

Instant messaging app WhatsApp is eliminating the small charges that it normally charged customers after their first year of using the app. Now, the app will remain free for life.
Google Maps

Maps App Predicts Users' Desinations

Based on driving histories, Google Maps can accurately predict the next stop.
Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger App Reports 800 Million Users, Latin Americans Prefer WhatsApp

Facebook's Messenger is used by 800 million people monthly, tech company reveals
Google Photos app

Tap That App: Google Photos' Best Feature - You Barely Have To Do Anything

When Google's new photos app (appropriately called Photos) first appeared, you could almost hear the collective groan of long-time Android users.
Chef Marc Payero NFL Homegating app

Tap That App Tuesday: NFL Homegating Ups Your Culinary Game for Super Bowl XLIX

This week we take a look at the NFL Homegating, a comprehensive party-planning app that makes preparing for Super Bowl XLIX a breeze.
Trivia Crack Screenshot

Tap That App Tuesday: Trivia Crack, Like Words With Friends Meets Trivial Pursuit, But a Missed Opportunity

In which we take a look at the app Trivia Crack.
Lift app new year's resolutions

Tap That App Tuesday: The Best Apps for New Year's Resolutions 2015

New Year's is a time when everyone hits the gym, vows to eat right, save money, and accomplish myriad other goals to make their lives better. But will power alone is hardly enough for most to follow through on New Year's resolutions. That's where these apps can help.
Christmas 2013: Santa Claus!

Where's Santa Now? The Best Santa Trackers 2014

It's a technological Christmas tradition older than some Christmas movies now deemed to be classics: tracking Santa's delivery progress on Christmas Eve. Now, in 2014, there's competition in the field, so here are the best Santa trackers for your curious kid this Dec. 24th.

Tap That App: GoodShop Saves You Money While Giving Back with Every Purchase

This week's Tap That App Tuesday features an app that nicely meets the intersection of two crucial end-of-year goals: knocking out your shopping list without breaking the bank, and giving back to charity during the holidays.
Couple Care

Startup Wednesday: Couple Care Brings an App's Touch to Fertility

This week's featured startup is Couple Care, an app and service designed to help guide couples through the fertility process -- whether they want to have babies or not.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement Expands Mobile App, Adds Support for Android, Available in Spanish

The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency expanded its mobile app, adding support for Google Android devices and Spanish-language users.

Google for Nonprofits Offers Organizations Free, Enhanced Apps Access and $10,000 Ad Grant

Google has been working on improving efficiency in nonprofit organizations with its Google for Nonprofits program. At the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) annual national convention, Google's Public Policy Analyst Jennifer Bernal discussed Google for Nonprofits and the kinds of services the company offers besides its search engine.
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