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'Walking Dead' Season 6 & Movie News: Rick Grimes Actor Says Movie 'Would Be Amazing,' Especially if Cast Could See Snow

First Posted: Apr 27, 2015 12:36 PM EDT
Walking Dead

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As fans of AMC’s zombie apocalypse horror drama “The Walking Dead” anxiously await Season 6 of the dark series, there is definite talk of the franchise hitting the big screen soon.

Robert Kirkman, the 36-year-old comic book writer responsible for the work that inspired the show, has just signed a “first-look deal” with Universal, which could mean that the survivors will get to continue their walker slaughter in an air-conditioned movie theater.

In an interview with, Andrew Lincoln, the English actor who plays Rick Grimes on the show, expressed his enthusiasm about the possible leap to film.

“That would be amazing. It’s something we’ve been talking about and dreamt of because it would be cool to see some snow,” said Lincoln, who, although obviously in love with the work he does, bemoans that fact that they have to typically film everything in Atlanta where he says it gets up to 100 degrees.

In a film, Lincoln said, “You can play with form, time and chronology and maybe also rediscover characters who are no longer in the show.”

Whatever happens with an upcoming movie version, the comic book based series is certainly branching out all over, as there is a spinoff series called “Fear the Walking Dead” approaching.

“I am so excited about it," Lincoln said. “We are still going to be in our sort of hell, still fighting zombies. But it’s a companion show. It sounds like a brilliant concept. I wish them the very best of luck.”

Now coming up on its sixth season, this zombie show has proven to be hard to kill off, and Lincoln chalks that up to all the emotional impact that is invested in each death.

“It’s that simple. That is why we are still here -- this is why we are still talking six years down the line. If we don’t have an emotional impact and if the audience and the fan base are not engaged emotionally with these characters, then we don’t have a show.”

Season 6 of “The Walking Dead” starts in October on AMC.

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