Juan Reinaldo Sanchez, Fidel Castro's 66-year-old former bodyguard who spent 17 years close to the Cuban leader, published a tell-all book detailing the dictator's “double life.”

Sanchez was imprisoned and tortured in 1994 after he attempted to retire due to what he describes as his concerns over Castro's “corrupt” practices.

In the his book, “The Double Life of Fidel Castro: My 17 Years as Personal Bodyguard to El Lider Maximo," published by St. Martin's Press, Sanchez revealed Castro's alleged involvement with drug trafficking and his role in directing cocaine-trafficking operations.

As reported in the Daily Mail, Sanchez explains how he eventually came to the realization that, as he put it, “the man for whom I had long sacrificed my life" was leading leading a "'corrupt’ secret life.”

When Sanchez escaped from his Cuban cell in 2008, he fled to Mexico by boat. After crossing the Texas border, he finally settled in Miami.

Sanchez claims his former boss controlled about 20 luxury homes, owned a secret Caribbean island and seized public money.

In an excerpt of his book published in the New York Post, Sanchez illustrated how he became disillusioned.

“I realized that the man for whom I had long sacrificed my life, the Líder whom I worshipped like a god and who counted more in my eyes than my own family, was caught up in cocaine trafficking to such an extent that he was directing illegal operations like a real godfather,” he wrote.

Speaking of Castro’s unshakable ideology Sanchez said, “For him, drug trafficking was, above all, a weapon of revolutionary struggle more than a means of making money.

“His reasoning was as follows: If the Yanks were stupid enough to use drugs that came from Colombia," Sanchez wrote. "Not only was that not his problem -- as long as it was not discovered, that is -- but, in addition, it served his revolutionary objectives in the sense that it corrupted and destabilized American society."